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DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV | Court Expressions

The future is bleak for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev irrespective of the impressions he relays to the 12 jurors who determine the outcome of his trial.

The truth remains that it is inane to expect the jury will deliver any judgment other than guilty with a death penalty.

As the trial progresses, Dzhokhar, the younger of the two Tsarnaevs, ought to be more adept at his composure such that when film clips are presented in court of his brother, Tamerlan‘s, death, the young Tsarnaev is unlikely to be overly sentimental.

Should the jurors have any ill-conceived expectations of Dzhokhar’s obligation to please, they are not in the panel to dispense justice, but to seek self-aggrandisement.

It is apt for jurors to bear in mind no one is obliged to conform to the expectations of others.

No so-called behavioural expert directs the conducts of another individual.

For one thing, I have nullified just about every societal textbook rule or expectation of a woman, Nigerian, African ~Black, Muslim, adult, youth, and unmarried person.

For another, I am on record for stating I do not want to see the face of anyone I dislike.

Dzhokhar may look down or away instead of at the jurors.

That, however, is not an attestation of anything anyone other than Dzhokhar himself defines.

Looking away is certainly not a sign of guilt.

When in the second week of December, 2014, I was questioned by Muslims in the Sokoto Command of the State Security Service ~SSS/ DSS, I fixed my gaze away from SSS operatives.

The message was clear:

You are effectively talking to yourself!

The interrogator stared hard into my face to detect signs of distress, discomfort, and vulnerability.

There was none.

The message was explicitly comprehended.

It is worth noting that my captors adhered to their espionage interrogation training.

This, despite their knowing full well the innocence of their hostage.

In other words, had I fidgeted, they definitely would have used that to pin trumped-up charges against me.

Yet, illegal imprisonment is disconcerting in itself.

One held hostage for non-compliance to unconstitutional regulations has every reason to fail any known behavioral pattern of law enforcement.

When I did look my captors in the eye, it was with scorn, anger and resentment.

In the end, I was described with terms such as strong, bold, confident, and controversial.

My non-conformity to threats frustrated my captors.

I cite my experience purely as an emphasis against the necessity of body language as a sign of willingness to dance to the tune of jurors.

In court, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev need not act to please persons who seek means to deride him.

He has the right to dress to his taste and habit.

Actually, the appearance of Muslims in a suit in court is pretentious, unless that mode of fashion was already their way of life prior to the court case.

The essence of a court trial is for one to retain own identity.

However, as the west promote deceit as a form of defence and prosecution, the pressure to assume another identity is enormous.

Justice based on clothing and body language that simulate the jurors’ stereotypes is an injustice.

That is much as befriending or even offering gifts to the jurors, so as to be deemed a kind person.

Yes, justice derived from preconceived conclusions is an absurdity.

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