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Moments ago, a few minutes before 11:00 hours, I entered my apartment carrying my belongings which SSS seized over some phantom security investigations.

When I was asked to check the items:

I do not know what you people took. There is nothing to check.

In summary, my enemies are frustrated that their plots to intimidate and brainwash me failed.

One operative of Department Of State Security ~DSS/ SSS did not attempt to conceal his exasperation at my Niqab.

Despite all the bullying, I still wore a Niqab.

He asked why though I had left Islam, I retained “our dress”.

When I was a Muslim, you said the Niqab was not part of Islam. Now, the Niqab is Islamic dress. Just go.

I was informed I should remove my Niqab whenever I come into the compound.

Hopefully, this will be the last time I am invited here.

I kept my Niqab on my face.

Yes, in Nigeria a lone woman took on SSS operatives who possess the mentality of religious intolerance.

Of course, my well-wishers at SSS Sokoto Command deserve my respect.

One actually greeted me as I was accompanied into the premises.

I stand with any individual who is proudly different.

And they identify with me.

Oh! Nigeria I love you.

One need not be in the west to stand against bullies.

Then came the other matters for which I was invited.

Discussion with the Governor concerning me is ongoing.

Should I wish to meet the Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar III, I should return by 14:00 hours.

Sure, I shall go back there, because I am the pawn of my detractors.

The lip service became necessary as I have renounced Islam.

To entice me back into Islam, SSS dangle in front of me superficial opportunities of assistance.

-Assistance that is oozing with disrespect.

The penultimate time I was invited by SSS, I was dragged to State House to meet the Governor, all the while I was ordered to remove my Niqab, right from my entrance to SSS Sokoto Command to Government House and back to SSS office.

Persons who disdain my lifestyle and compel me to live on their terms claim to render me help.

No prior information was presented on why I was being taken there.

Of course, I protested:

Why are you people dragging me around as if I were a child?

Assuming I turned down that invitation or even this one and refused to attend the summon, one expects SSS Sokoto to play victim and arrest me.

No one will realise the invitations had nothing to do with SSS duties.

But, why should anyone hope SSS honour the Constitution, given I was investigated for not conforming to Hausa-Fulani culture and Hausa-Fulani religion?

The last invitation before today’s lasted an entire day.

Yes, I was kept waiting from 10:00 hours when I was instructed to be present until shortly before Jumu’ah Prayers.

This time, I was there for approximately half an hour, with the option of returning at Dhuhr Prayer.

I like that term – option.

The difference is this time I made clear I want nothing to do with SSS Sokoto.

In fact, I initially refused to attend the invitation.

I am profoundly grateful to my barrister A.S and to Legal Aid Council Of Nigeria.

I did not publish my meeting with Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, not because I trusted SSS, but as I wanted them to play all of their cards.

There remain several crucial incidents and observations which I am yet to disclose.

I remain silent for the mere reason that my publications on my experiences with SSS are adequate for the discerning mind.

Long live the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Kisses to you Nigeria, my love.



  1. Umm Sulaim
    February 4, 2015

    I wish to once again clarify I no longer publicly identify as a Muslim to avoid ethnic bullies.

    The one and only,
    Umm Sulaim

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