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Earlier this evening, I received yet another invitation by Sokoto Command of the Department Of State Services ~SSS.

I shall be there at 10:00 hours on Wednesday February 4, 2015.

SSS Sokoto will get tired of inviting me to the Classless Ball.

Am I concerned or agitated?

Not at all, except I do not have an iota of trust in them.

Just imagine the irritation of receiving a call from persons I despise!

On the morning of Sunday February 1, 2015, I called DSS/ SSS Head Office in the FCT to inquire whether the unsolicited calls I have been receiving are from the Department Of State Security.

My Etisalat is ****. Please run a check on incoming calls from Dec 10, 2014 to verify whether any was from SSS.


Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa

Sent: 09:40 hours Wednesday February 1, 2015

I have received around four calls to that line which end as soon as I accept the call.

Once, a male voice greeted “As-Salam alaykum” to which I declined to respond.

He asked: Do you know who I am?


He ended the call.

I intended to commence publishing the numbers, and considered that the calls might be related to SSS.

As disclosing the identifying information of SSS operatives is illegal, I sought clarification first.

I made clear to SSS I consider unsolicited calls harassment.

Plus, SSS are the only unauthorised persons whom I gave the cell phone number.

-Unauthorised, because they held me hostage and demanded I give them the number.

After a lengthy conversation and assurance that the Headquarters are investigating the matter, I agreed to ask my lawyer to contact SSS Sokoto Command to find out whether they are behind the calls.

Here is the pretext for the invitation.

I must admit I cringe at the use of the term invitation.

It is as if shaytan invites one to dinner.

In any case, I asked my barrister to communicate with SSS Sokoto to retrieve my property the latter seized in December 2014.

That was sequel to my interaction with DSS/ SSS Headquarters, Abuja over the issue.

I ask that SSS Sokoto be made to return ALL of my belongings they seized.

They should place my property outside my door and LEAVE without contacting me.

I want nothing to do with SSS Sokoto – no direct or indirect contact.


The one and only,
Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa

Sent: 12:51 hours Tuesday January 13, 2015

I have been informed my belongings cannot be handed over to anyone but me.

Apparently, my representative does not have access to my property.

Apparently, the representatives of my enemies can be in possession of my belongings, as they wield assault rifles and parade themselves as security operatives.

Tomorrow, I go to repossess my items and clear other matters.

Yeah, clear sewage.


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