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HUMUANI ALAGA | Altruism Personified

Humuani Amoke Alaga earned the moniker Obirin Takun Takun [Strong And Brave Woman], for she challenged societal prejudices against women in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Along with other women pioneers, Humuani founded an all-girls secondary school, the Isabatudeen Girls’ Grammar School.

That girls school was the efficiency of the problem-solving skill of Obirin Takun Takun whose daughter was required to change her name and adopt a new religion in order to attend a Christian missionary school.

Go to school, Muslim girls in Ibadan must.

On January 24, 1964 Isabatudeen, the very first Muslim-owned girls’ school in Ibadan, became operational with 30 female students.

Convinced of the beauty of education, Humuani enrolled in adult literacy classes that encompassed Islamic and civic ~western education.

Obirin Takun Takun was immensely popular, for she was a woman of integrity.

MALAK HIFNI NASIF: Egypt Energy Essence

Humuani championed the financial empowerment of women.

By 1938, she had commenced to lead women protesters to demand for better economic conditions and equal pay for women.

Although not in conformity with the society’s expectation of marriage, Humuani was married to a younger man whom she respected.

That was another demonstration of Humuani’s psychological independence in determining her lifestyle.

Moreover, her devotion to her spouse nullifies social assumptions that a powerful woman do not regard her husband.


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