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How can I meet with someone I do not trust?

Monarch Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Aal Saud is my kind of person.

The Monarch was caring, frank and straightforward, and had a great sense of humour.

The Monarch loved falcons, horses and horse racing.

The Monarch, every fortnight, watched on television horse racing programmes in which his horses participate.

The Monarch enjoyed watching his horses race so much he feels relaxed and, subsequently, has a restful sleep.

The Monarch acknowledged friends can have trying moments, but that between friends and him:

Our disagreements do not cut to the bone.

The Monarch, an Arab, held in high esteem the President of The United States Of America, an African ~Black.

This, bearing in mind race, ethnicity and tribe play enormous features in various communities, Muslim and non-Muslim.

The Monarch was an avid promoter of a peaceful and stable Middle East and rebuked Iran for meddling in Arab affairs.

The Monarch was very concerned his Kingdom was sandwiched between erupting and volatile neighbours – Yemen to the south and Iraq to the north.

The Monarch discerned the difference between

a neighbour one wants to see


a neighbour one wants to avoid

The Monarch considered the image of the United States a grave concern and emphasized its merit to the US government.

Barack Obama’s administration needed to regain America’s credibility.

The Monarch not only advocated the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention centre, but also was specifically involved in negotiations to secure the freedom of Yemeni nationals held at the illegal prison.

The Monarch had an acute intelligence and sense of duty that he spontaneously proposed tagging Guantanamo detainees with a Bluetooth tracking microchip.

The Monarch made the suggestion in order to swiftly resolve concerns over possibility of the Yemeni detainees being attracted to Al-Qaedah.

The Monarch opposed the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and advised George Bush against it, though the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia did later provide material support to America.

The Monarch expanded several international scholarship programmes to empower Saudi students.

The Monarch frowned at visa restrictions that impede the admission of more Saudi students into the US.

The Monarch was such a hands on leader that he received regular briefings from his ministers.

The Monarch instituted several women empowerment programmes, and under his watch:

1~ Domestic violence – sexual, physical, and psychological – has been criminalized, with penalties of at least a year in prison plus a fine of 50,000 riyals.

It is worth noting that in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, a man found guilty of murder of his wife is beheaded.

2~ The Kingdom has a female deputy minister for education for female students.

3~ Women constitute at least 20 percent of the Shura Council [Consultative Assembly].

4~ Women are encouraged to participate in competitive sports and women-friendly facilities have been constructed.

I did nothing special, only what I thought was my duty. We do our duty as determined by Allah.

~ * ~ * ~

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