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Several maps of Nigeria exist purporting to prove the regions under the control of Boko Haram.

Foreign nationals believe the delusions depicted in such maps.

On the one hand, the west present the maps as evidence of the inefficiency of Nigerian Armed Forces and a dire need for western military intervention to salve the situation.

On the other hand, armed Muslim groups find the maps an inspiration and a mark of the exploits of a fellow armed group.

Nigerians, of course, are not left out of global trends and adopt the maps as incontrovertible reality.

That, of course, includes Nigerians whose hometown fall within the 45% of Northern Nigeria administered by Boko Haram.

Even if the rest of the nation lack regular updates on events in the affected areas, citizens whose family and clan are directly affected ought to know better.

Yet, these maps are circulated without controversy.

Early this morning, I saw one of such maps was attached as a response to my question to a discussant:

Humour me. Which Nigerian states are controlled by Boko Haram?

I shall let my akada in on a secret.

In one sentence, the map is inconceivable.

I researched similar images and photoshopped a string of various maps that represent areas under Boko Haram influence.

Any reasonable person will understand it is an outrage.

Yet, there is a sincere need to comprehend the situation.

First, no state of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria is controlled by Boko Haram, so long as Boko Haram is defined as an overt organisation that do not receive revenue from the federal government.

Second, no city, major town or known location is taken by Boko Haram, except it has been restored by our military.

The town of Baga is at present receiving the attention of the gallant army.

Third, are there villages controlled by Boko Haram?

Evidence available to me indicate there is no such thing.

Again, there is substantial material that Boko Haram are camped in the bushes or abandoned military bases.

Each time I come across that, I have fulfilled my patriotic duty by alerting the Defence Headquarters, Abuja via their social media accounts.

The first time I was informed of one of such maps was a while ago in my research when a friend from the region showed it to me.

I questioned its authenticity.

Anyone who wishes to discredit the federal government – and there are numerous such interests – could design that.

Only the credulous will consider the map to be true.

For one, such an egregious expanse will certainly cut across the indigenous lands of a good number of Nigerians.

I have on numerous occasions enquired from Nigerians engaged in sensationalism:

Is your hometown controlled by Boko Haram?

The response is usually silence.

It is understandable that the displacement of persons leads to a decline in information gathering, as inhabitants are no longer furnished with accurate and complete news.

Despite that, the dissemination of clearly erroneous maps is mischievous in the very least.

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