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Muslims encourage everything outlined in subsections [a] and consider subsections [b] unspeakable.

1a~ One must oppress the other; the actions of the first is decreed in order for the latter to get to Allah’s Jannah.

A man can torture or murder his wife any time that 2 inches of his shrinks further!!!!

Parents have the same unquestionable influence over own children.

Persons in authority must exert cruelty on the individual.

1b~ The reverse can never be fathomed.

Legal oppression occurs only in one direction – from the powerful to the vulnerable.

2a~ The oppressed are obliged to comply with oppression.

The weak are to be grateful that they are being tortured because Allah torments only Muslims He loves!!!

That has become a useful brainwashing tool employed by all levels of abusers.

In other words, the cruel is doing the traumatized a favour, for which the one whose right is violated should be proud.

The abuser is therefore the good person; the abused, well that goodness relies on giving the oppressor a free ride.

2b~ The oppressed must never dream of seeking redress to rectify wrongs one experienced.

Should the weak make any attempt towards bringing perpetrators of abuse to justice, the entire community are indignant that one is fighting MUSLIMS.

Note: Only the abuser is a recognised Muslim; the recipient of abuse is not necessarily seen as a Muslim.

Although this lends to some serious laughter, it is a deep insight into the mind of the average Muslim.

“Wickedness is part of our religion”

3a~ It is perfectly acceptable for Muslims to believe and express negative perceptions of Allah, His Messenger, Islam and the Sharee’ah.

Yes, of course, Muslims are not known for admitting that their concept of Religion is warped.

Islam is a way of life that condones a Muslim planning to harm a neighbour, coworker or stranger in the society.

– Nothing negative there.

The Sharee’ah is restricted to the culture of the land.

Again, there is no need to raise an eyebrow.

The Prophet married numerous wives for politics, da’wah, or simply because he felt for the wretched old widows.

Is belief in cheaping of women negative?

Of course not. The Prophet did women a good turn by taking them as his wives.

Where do I even start with misconceptions surrounding Allah?

Allah is praised when an innocent person is being lynched.

Allah Akbar has become the anthem for murderers.

3b~ Now comes the drama.

No one except murderers, sadists and vicious persons are authorised to deride Allah, the Prophet, the Sharee’ah and Islam.

Should one dare remark that Allah is a monster, one will soon be dead, though Muslims consider Allah the worst type of depraved monster who authorises the abuse of power.

Should one publish an article condemning the Prophet for being a womaniser, death comes sooner than imagined, despite the belief among Muslims than the same Messenger Of Allah was not committed to nor did he love his wives.

Should one attribute the Sharee’ah to the doctrine for repression, Muslims will conduct street demonstrations and economic boycotts, never mind that Muslims mention the Sharee’ah not as evidence against criminals but as proof against the defenceless.

Should one mention that Islam is a belief system for the thoughtless, one had better go into hiding, even though Muslims believe thinking is a criminal offence.

Oh dear!!!!

A thoughtful question:

Does one need religion to teach one to be anti-social?


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