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My tweets to my noble brother Abdulqahar Balkhi on the Statement Of The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan over the French cartoons.


I don’t dispute the statement. The real problem s closer home. Muslims especially those who spout Islam turn the Prophet into trash

Worse, Muslims attribute their callous misdeeds to Allah &his Messenger with distortions of Islam. Do we need to worry about kuffar

I am unable to come to terms with how one can bow to Allah 5 times a day & believe the same Allah is interested in social injustice

Whatever kuffar say, Muslims have said worse. Not to mention they enlist support of same kuffar that intolerance is Islamic.

I have written extensively on anti-Islam attitudes here in Northern Nigeria, though they pretend Christians are the problem.

In the UK and the west for instance, Muslims promote dishonour murder, rape, subjugation of women, etc as part of Islam.

Who insults the Prophet on a daily basis, if not those who claim to love him the most? Who blasphemes Allah if not Muslims?

Yes, such cartoons and other works are beyond annoying. But we’d be more infuriated at the embarrassment brought on us by Muslims.


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