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Not only are military mishaps amplified and very near celebrated by Nigerians, successes in counter-insurgency are either ignored or marked as a side attraction.

For that reason, I wish to congratulate our armed forces on recent military strategies that restored freedom to several towns including Mubi and on Wednesday January 14, the town of Biu, on the southern fringes of Borno State.

As I have advised on numerous instances, the key is to disrupt the activities of Boko Haram at source.

Retain and defend our cities, towns and villages and simultaneously, find and destroy Boko Haram before they strike.

Defence Headquarters ought to consider in each operation cutting off exit routes of Boko Haram to restrict the latter’s capacity to flee.

I look forward to hearing that Baga has been cleared of insurgents.

Remembering our war heroes past and present who defend the homeland.

Long live the Republic.

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