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There was once understanding between us. However, it varied. On his part, he expected that I resign from my post. My job, of course, necessitates my being the boss – to the extent allowed by my Dīn.

He would rather decisions were made for me. He wished to reduce my role to that of an actress.

And, as for me, I took it for granted that he would respect the Words of my Creator and Actions of His Messenger. He did say he was a scholar. I DECLINED TO ACCEPT THE NEW POSITION.

He starved me of resources, including food and water. For days, I prayed and waited. One day, there was a knock. I opened the door, and explained my situation to my guest. He rushed out and brought some provisions. He, also, offered some cash. Then, Allah provided a generous benefactor and a reliable water-seller.

My brother, you may wonder which company I work for – FEMINISM.

My brother, you have the Rabb Who is Al-Musta`an (The One Whose Help is Worthy to be sought) and Al-Wakil (The Reliable Disposer of Affairs).

May Allah constantly remind you of that. Aamiin!!

The recipient was Nadeem Tarmohammed.

Draft: Letter To My Imprisoned Brother 3


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