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Here is a significant insight into the Aqeedah ~belief of the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan ~Taliban regarding the rights of persons presented in this leadership communication to Mujahideen.

It is obligatory on Muslims to follow the Guidance of Allah Almighty, the instructions of His Messenger and the rights specified in Islamic Law.

Ameer Al-Mu’mineen has specifically emphasized that all Mujahideen operations should be executed with utmost care to avoid civilian casualties.

Human life is priceless and a holy gift. You should thus exert all human efforts to avoid causing death of innocent lives and even those of animals thus becoming a cause of usurping this priceless gift.

In Jihad the killing of enemies of Islam (kuffar and those supposed Muslim lackeys who aid them) is made permissible according to the Commands of Allah Almighty and in the defence of His Religion. In such circumstances the killing of such enemies of Islam becomes a cause of reward and Paradise by Allah Almighty. However it is equally imperative that in carrying out this holy duty we do not cause the death of innocent or uninformed civilians.

Once an innocent life is taken then it cannot be returned even if we were to gather all the riches of this world. Such loss causes immeasurable sadness to the victim’s family, relatives, children and those that know him and this act is then described as cruelty and evokes the wrath and displeasure of Allah Almighty.

In order to remind the Mujahideen that they must take even more care to avoid civilian casualties, thus becoming accountable for such a death in the Hereafter, or defaming the name of the sacred Mujahideen, or allowing such incidents to become propaganda tools for the enemies of Islam, we reiterate our command that you must take severe precautions to prevent civilian casualties in any operations that are undertaken. You must not carry out operations or bombings in any area where civilians could be harmed as a result of such actions.

If you cancel an operation against a high value target because you fear that civilians could be harmed as a result of this operation, then we are hopeful that Allah Almighty will provide an even easier opportunity for the Mujahideen to target this enemy and do so without risking the lives of civilians.

Those people who do not stand shoulder to shoulder with the enemy forces and are not carrying out actions against Jihad are to be considered as civilians and no harm is to be caused to them.

If anyone fails to take precautions, plans negligent operations, causes civilians deaths or destroys civilian property then such a person will be answerable to Allah Almighty on the Day Of Judgment and will be reprimanded in this life by the Islamic Emirate in accordance with the principles and commands of Islamic Law.

I am ever so grateful to the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan for their continuous training and retraining of the Mujahideen on the preservation of the Sharee’ah.

Certainly, the two core values of the Sharee’ah in human interactions are:

1~ The preservation of individual rights and freedoms;

2~ The stability of the nation.

I say: Thank you, my brothers, for heeding my advice.

Allah preserve you all.


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This entry was posted on January 5, 2015 by in Human Rights.


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