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I have been struggling with my scorn of the State Security Service ~SSS/ DSS.

Yesterday, my thoughts drifted towards them and I had to engage in self therapy.

It is not that I wish to cease hating SSS, absolutely not.

Rather, I do not wish to be consumed by that contempt.

Shortly after my release from SSS detention, I recalled my childhood principle not to harm myself or destroy what I cherish in order to revenge against someone I despise.

Incidentally, that policy was made in reference to my mother.

SSS earned the same; they are not worth it.

In any case, that principle effectively ruled out doing anything that is a violation of the law.

I will not cause anarchy in Nigeria, which I love, for persons I did not tolerate even while they held me captive.

Yesterday, I successfully dislodged the pain in my heart.

I feel body weakness, though.

This morning, I remembered SSS and once again resorted to my therapy.

I was relieved thoroughly.

Then came the joke, which is entirely fictitious:

A hen waltzed into SSS territory.

I: (to SSS) Will you not halt the chicken to question it on its mission?

SSS unsmiling. They do not find it funny.

I continued: What if the chicken is strapped with bombs? You need to strip-search it! It is urgent. The chicken will trigger its bomb.

Chicken barbacue!

SSS sternly warn me to desist.

I: But, the chicken is a security threat! You must take it into custody and photograph it! Be sure to call its parents to come sign the bail!

End of fiction.

I laughed so much I coughed resulting in chest pain.

Laughter is therapeutic.

Long live the Republic.

Serious Humour – BOKO HARAM RESCUE

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