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I present to you, my loyal akada, the 2014 annual report for Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts.

Total Visits: 5400

Most Active Day: October 29
Number Of Views: 103
Most Read: The Purity Of Love

Umm Sulaim’s Thoughts hosted 144 fresh publications.

The longest streak of publications was July 31 – August 16.

That period was clearly the countdown to August 13, The Day Of The Social Individual.

Aside from articles commemorating The Social Individual, I published writings on Ebola awareness.

That period coincided with the health red alert to halt Ebola Virus Disease ~EVD in Nigeria.

We the citizens were all awake on our patriotic duties.

Best Publication Day: Wednesday
Total Publications: 31

The first four most popular items were published before the year in review, a demonstration of lasting appeal of my articles.

In fact, two of the most read publications in the year 2013 reappeared in the first top three of 2014.

A 2014 publication that was read widely was My Incarceration In Sokoto | Part 1

Top Three Of 90 Guest Nations: The United States, Nigeria and United Kingdom

2014: 5400
2013: 6600
18% drop

2014: 90
2013: 107
16% drop

2014: 144
2013: 115
25% increase

2014: 103
2013: 81
27% increase

My worthy akada, I pledge to do more to engage you.

My dearest adulators, keep coming back for more.

Keep Thinking.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim

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