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Nigeria North: AHEAD OF 2015 ELECTIONS 2

Violence! Intimidation! Death threats! Murder!

These are affirmed trademarks of Northern Nigeria on any given day.

Then come elections and the licence to kill becomes ferocious.

The North is not shy of political violence.

Give them what they want or they destroy whatever lies in their path.

Nigeria North: Ahead Of 2015 Elections

When one of their own Muhammadu Buhari lost in the 2011 elections, there was murder and destruction in the North.

Sokoto the so-called peaceful environment was anything but peaceful.

I vividly recall the day after the announcement of the presidential election results.

Carrying on with my life as I deliberately was disinterested in the elections, I went out to attend to my needs.

The driver cautioned me of a riot in town.

I: What caused the riot?

Driver: The presidential election.

I: Who won?

Driver: I am not sure. But, I heard on the BBC that it was Goodluck Jonathan.

I: So who is rioting?

Drivers: Northerners.

An alarm blew!

I noted the driver was dressed in a long white quftan or thaub, which I thought was odd.

As I alighted, I glanced at the driver and I observed he was not a Northerner.

The thaub was a disguise to avoid death should he encounter rampaging Northerners.

In that riot, the Sultan’s palace was attacked, for his support of Goodluck Jonathan.

The underlying grievance is Northerners, Hausa-Fulanis to be precise, make takfeer on any Muslim who does not support the candidate of the North.

In contrast, former President Umaru Musa Yar’adua a Northern Muslim was ridiculed by Hausa-Fulanis even in death, for he was a Southern ticket.

Observers need to note the subtle deceptive mentality.

Not only should a Muslim govern Nigeria, but also that Muslim must be approved by the North.

Any slightest hint of opposition to the Northern candidate earns a Muslim death threats.

Well, as elections approach hypocrites who see Islam as nothing but an oppressive machinery are at it again.

They have commenced threats against anyone, Muslim or not, who as much as expresses support for Goodluck Jonathan.

I implore security agencies to ensure the liberty of Nigerians is not circumscribed by ethnic bullies.

And by security agencies, I include State Security Service ~SSS commands of Northern states.

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