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From Umm Sulaim, Allah’s slave-woman to my brother. Peace be on whoever follows Guidance.


By the end of the session, I was furious. The target was not my accuser nor my astounded elderly brothers. He was the only other person present who saw through the fallacy. Rather than being true and just, he chose to make me look like the offender.

He, later, mentioned that – despite his supposed knowledge of Islam – he had been brought up so as not to be able to acknowledge the Truth! What a doctrine!!

And, he is not alone in this. Now, imagine the crises this Ummah is in, as such persons work in the Da’wah field: The training of a new generation of dim-sighted muslims; and, of course, the sacrifice of Truth and Justice in favour of one’s reputation!

My brother, as you have been able to declare the restriction of ‘Uluhiyyah (Godship) to Allah, is there any other Truth with a difficulty?

May Allah keep you within the Truth. Aamiin!!

The recipient was accorded a code name by the British government.

As there were a number of such detainees to whom I addressed my letters, I am unable to identify this particular prisoner.

Sent: 10:59 hours, Monday 12th, Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1427

[First week of July, 2006]

Letter To My Imprisoned Brother 5

Letter To My Imprisoned Brother 1


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