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The society is critical of women for a man’s errant sexual cravings.

Responsibility for a man’s extramarital affairs is laid on his wife.

She no longer cares to be sexually appealing to him.

Should he venture down the street and experience a rush of blood on seeing a scantily-clad woman, she is to blame again.

She is dressed provocatively to arouse men.

The sexuality of men has nothing to do with the dressing of women.

Better, a woman’s choice of clothing is not necessarily indicative of her sexuality or lack of it.

In Southern Nigeria, women have become largely associated with indecent clothing.

Yet, women who dress in such a manner are not culpable for the sexual misconduct of men.

A man who indulges is accountable for his indulgence.

To the North of Nigeria, women are more likely to be seen fully clothed.

Many women wear the Hijab.

Better, many women wear the Hijab and have regular consentual and illegal sexual encounters with men.

In fact, the Niqab is perceived as advertisement for prostitution.

A woman who is regularly seen in a Hijab, with or without the Niqab is not to be respected by men.

She is a sex object who must be reeled into the arms of a boyfriend.

It is worth observing that the Islamic attire for women – the Hijab including the Niqab – addresses not men’s libido but a woman’s dignity.

The crucial descriptive terms for the Hijab are:

Recognised as dignified and not to be molested.

The purpose of a woman being veiled is not to hold her accountable for a man’s licentiousness.

A case of study is the attraction of the Messenger Of Allah to a woman.

He neither reprimanded her nor held her accountable for his emotions.

Rather, the Messenger Of Allah sought a legal outlet for his sexuality.

He went home and made love to his wife.

In addition, he ordered his Companions and by extension all Muslim men to go to their wife whenever their testosterone play havoc.

In contrast, should a man not be able to indulge illicitly with the woman’s compliance, the society again condone the man to rape her.

In the Sharee’ah and laws of Nigeria, sexual violation of women is a crime.

Yes, according to the Sharee’ah, a man who rapes a woman, regardless of her mode of dress, faces the death penalty.

Men should grow for a change and take responsibility for own indulgences.

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