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From Umm Sulaim, Allah’s slave-woman to my brother. Peace be on whoever follows Guidance.


Who is the ideal bride – the dumb bimbo or the assertive, intelligent and pretty lady?
And, who is the ideal suitor – the smooth talker or the caring and considerate groom?
When I met Abu Bakr (not his real name), his preference was loveliness, then excellence in the Dīn, if at all. Let me simply say that it did nothing for my ego.

And, my most desirable man? Well, no man sweet talks me! We either solve problems together or nothing. And, regarding his looks, I, once, mentioned to him that his conduct would make him appear handsome.

Recently, he conceded that the love of the Dīn precedes beauty, and that his respect for me was well-deserved. I have won the contest on both grounds. He, now, shares my views on the ideal muslim couple.

My brother, your influence matters.

May Allah establish you as a reformer of this Ummah. Aamiin!!

The recipient was accorded a code name by the British government.

As there were a number of such detainees to whom I addressed my letters, I am unable to identify this particular prisoner.

Sent: 10:59 hours, Monday 12th, Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1427

[First week of July, 2006]

Letter To My Imprisoned Brother 3

My dear akada, if your jaw dropped reading the letter, do not worry; mine dropped as well!!!

I am astonished at myself!!! Serious laughter!!!

What was I thinking?!!!

Letter To My Imprisoned Brother 1



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