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From Umm Sulaim, Allah’s slave-woman to Nadeem. Peace be on whoever follows Guidance.


What should one do when one’s worst enemy – among humans – happens to be one’s mother? And the hostility stretches back to childhood and pre-Islam? The issue here is not the actions of a programmed robot, but that of a muslim with emotions and difficulty in prioritization.

The feelings of a muslim is as important as a sound sense of priority. One is hurt, but there is no retaliation of hurt; annoyed, nevertheless, one lacks the return-to-sender policy. Having been at odds with one’s family for three decades, the overwhelming desire is to walk away, no contact whatsoever …!

Then comes priority: Should one endure at the risk of insanity, expecting Allah’s Jannah and Maghfirah (Forgiveness)? Or does one have to safeguard oneself against psychological disorders before fulfilling the rights of others? Our Rabb did prohibit the destruction of one’s soul.

The equilibrium, perhaps, is this: Protect oneself with limited contacts; relate with her; amuse or please her regarding her selfish demands, quietly praying that Allah grants one only that which is good; go along with her and with Allah’s Help, do a u-turn at a convenient moment. Hence, one attains Allah’s Ridwan (Pleasure), retains one’s self-esteem, and with prudence, instructs the foes in the family on one’s rights on them.

My brother, you know the Law is well-grounded.

May Allah help you in your battle of priorities. Aamiin!!

The recipient was Nadeem Tarmohammed.

Sent: 10:59 hours, Monday 12th, Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1427

[First week of July, 2006]

Letter To My Imprisoned Brother 1

The style of this letter, along with others on my personal life, was to refocus the prisoner that there is a whole world outside the walls of prison.

I wanted to draw the inmate away from their loneliness.

A dear friend has expressed concerns that my publication of these letters might invite trouble.

My reply:

Security threat should not be defined by ethnic bullies.

For instance, these last months on Twitter, I have debated Islam with ISIS members and supporters plus Boko Haram enthusiasts.

It is my duty to them to show them the wrongs of their mind and action.



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