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The young girl in the picture was initiated into Boko Haram by her father.

– So much for having a family.

Wait! What happened to the mentality that not having a family or living away from one’s family is a national security threat?

Oh! Who would have thought that residing with one’s family could actually lead to being conscripted as a suicide bomber!

That is happening among creatures who quote that the Sharee’ah compels one to relate with one’s family at all costs.

Here is a splendid family relationship that should not give anyone sleepless nights.

Parents hand their children to Boko Haram for training as suicide bombers.

Jannah here they come, with suicide belts and all!

Any girl who rejects Jannah through an explosive belt is buried alive!

Yes, that is true.

Is Allah ecstatic that girls are murdered by their darling mother and father?

Recently, I was reminded of a common perception exploited by Muslims to inflict harm on others.

Whatever good or bad that occurs to one was decreed by Allah. Therefore, be patient.

In response, I asked the speaker:

You cause harm to me and say Allah decreed it.

In effect, Muslims have no obligation to behave well to others.

A parent is not accountable for atrocities committed against a girl.

All these are an abuse of the words of the Messenger Of Allah.

Since hearing that statement recently, I have asked myself whether such Muslims attribute Boko Haram’s murderous acts to Allah.

Should Nigerians shut up and quit complaining about Boko Haram?

After all, Boko Haram act only according to what Allah has decreed.

In my cell at Sokoto Command of the State Security Service ~SSS, I swept my own condition aside and felt for Allah.

He is the most abused of all.

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