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I find circumstances ripe to inform my akada and Nigerians of the offences or legal loops Department Of State Services ~DSS/ SSS exploited to infringe on my liberty.

I therefore squash whatever gagging rule that exists to exercise my freedom.

The urgency of reversing my initial position is prompted by concerns that the official account will be circulated.

It is proper for Nigerians who have access to the official version of events to also read the other side – as presented here.

Official: I was invited, stripped of my Niqab and Hijab, photographed, had my home ransacked and several documents and equipment seized, detained and had armed SSS guards in order to ascertain my identity.

This is an appropriate juncture to use an expletive and please go ahead!!!!

Prior To My Invitation:

During their investigations, SSS agents boldly asserted that my Niqab cannot be due to my Religion, for they too were Muslims.

As my Niqab has nothing to do with religious observations, it must be a sign of membership of Boko Haram.

From Invitation To Detention To Freedom

Despite repeated demands for SSS to tell me the reason I was being investigated, SSS kept saying they will.

When they eventually did was moments before I was dragged to my home for a search.

SSS informed me the investigation was for “security”.

At my door, I asked to see the search warrant. It read “breach of public peace”.

At this point, the official position becomes much less than the truth.

Let us analyse the identity excuse of SSS.

First of all, what is the business of Department Of State Security with the identity of any law abiding citizen?

Second, while SSS insist no one tabled a security complaint against me, the basis of SSS investigation was the assertion of my neighbours that they do not know me – they have never seen my face.

In fact, according to my neighbours, no one has seen my face.

That allegation was repeated throughout my interaction with SSS.

When did my enemies, who are my neighbours, become my alibi, unless they lodged the complaint in the first instance?

In that case, their statement holds weight as an allegation.

Interestingly, SSS stated I speak Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa fluently!

Did SSS and their gossips see me speak Hausa in their nightmare?!!

A brief point is the complaint spanned about 3 pages including, I was informed, that my former husband was an 18 year-old!

– Department Of Gossip Circle!

A side note on the duplicity over facial identification:

How is it that each time someone impersonates Abubakar Shekau, those who will insist they know him personally automatically lose the ability to identify him?

When he is shot, we hear he is no more Abubakar Shekau, but Mohammed Shuaib or whatever contraption his name is.

I have remained supportive of our security agencies and will refrain from certain remarks.

I do, however question the devotion to security of some staff of the Department Of State Services.

Why was my presence in Sokoto where I have no family a sign of security threat?

Does the law which SSS are paid to uphold present a correlation between security threat and absence of family?

SSS should greet Abubakar Shekau’s mother. I hear he started his insurgency while still hugging her.

Why did SSS threaten I will not be bailed unless my family present themselves?

These are a replica of abuses exploited by Hausa-Fulanis while I was in Sokoto State Prison.

Why did SSS threaten to send me to Abuja on a three-month deradicalisation programme?

Was that to enable them verify my identity?

Why did SSS barrage me with their religious views which ended only as soon as I rejected Islam?

Niqab is extremism. It is not part of Islam. The wives of the Prophet did not wear it.

Why are SSS in possession of my laptop, memory cards, audio tapes, etc?

Why did they consider my large gowns suspicious materials?

What incriminating material did they expect to find when they intruded into my home?

Note: I was freed on self-recognition only because so far nothing incriminating has been associated with me.

What has incrimination to do with my identity?

1. They expected I was Boko Haram and are still searching to prove themselves right.

2. I had a business transaction with DSS for which they expected I used multiple names.

My dear akada, please pick one or add yours.

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