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Missing the direction on the way to Sokoto Office of the Department Of State Services ~DSS/ SSS, I coursed the neighbourhoood making inquiries.

Eventually, I located the place.

Walking confidently with my purse visible – it is usually tucked under my Hijab – I turned into the barricaded road.

Suddenly a figure stood and yelled for me to stop, with which I complied.

In a raised voice, I explained I have an appointment – at 10:00 hours.

Other figures appeared and motioned for me to come forward.

After a few steps, I was ordered to halt.

They yelled again, to which I gestured to my ear, an indication I could not hear the instructions.

The security men approached me slowly issuing orders.

I raised my Niqab, adding a frown and displayed the contents of my purse.

I was led into the premises.

I waited, perusing some legal journals – the Nigerian Constitution and National Security Agency Act.

Suddenly, circumstances improved precipitously.

Initially, I retained some reservation, as a repeated pattern is for the day to start well and conclude horribly.

Still, I hoped for positive lasting change.

I experienced genuine care from the director.

The invitation to SSS premises was not for any interrogation or investigation.

The day was smiles and laughter for me.

After the war, peace reigns.

Yeah, I do not know who conquered whom!!!

As always, my appreciation and gratitude to all who were concerned for my liberty.

I am especially gratefully to persons who spoke well of me.

I should add that many of them have not reported back to me.

A key principle of mine is to allow persons, known or unknown to me, to act on my behalf without my prior knowledge.

A Summary Route To Security Clearance:

a~ Tongue-lash the state director of SSS.

b~ Have a running battle with State Security Service.

c~ Have one’s residence turned upside down by SSS as they search for signs of breach of public peace.

d~ Be detained for who knows what.

e~ Declare SSS enemy.

f~ Stand up to SSS at every opportunity.

g~ Uphold tenaciously freedoms and rights.

h~ Do not forget to question SSS: What are you doing with my phone?!!!!

And ozugbo ~instantly, one receives security clearance with a peace treaty from DSS!

Just do not get yourself shot!!!! – In this era of police brutality.

I have transformed from the suspect of some k-leg security offence to first-grade security clearance.

Nigeria! There is nothing I will not experience in this country.

Oh Nigeria! I love you.

Nigeria portends no hindrance to a citizen standing for justice.

Even when one is intimidated, harassed, threatened, and fearful over one’s safety and sanity, Nigeria provides avenues for one to stand and fight.

Long live the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, my beloved.

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