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Saturday evening while in custody of Department Of State Security, Sokoto ~ DSS/ SSS, I publicly renounced Islam.

– An uproar ensued.

That brought to an end the practice of sticking their religious and personal views at me.

To busybodies: I will continue to wear the Niqab.

As I made clear to my captors throughout my detention, my mode of dress is no one’s business.

Muslims in Sokoto perceive Islam as a curse that must be inflicted on anyone who professes faith in Allah.

Granted, they will not say so in precise wordings but their recalcitrance at allowing permissible individual variations is sufficient evidence.

I am controversial!

How does any security apparatus arrest me on the crime of public perception and expect anything short of controversy?

This Sunday evening after three nights and four days in custody, I was released on self recognition and given N5000.

The purpose of the award is unclear and I initially rejected it.

Nothing incriminating was found in my home after operatives of Department Of State Security ~ DSS/ SSS ransacked the place.

SSS took away several documents, my laptop, memory cards, modem, bank book, ATM card, expired ATM and Visa cards plus other items.

They also took my gowns!

Unbelievable, but true!

My dresses were suspicious materials, as they were extra large!

Apparently, Muslims living in the Islamic Khaliphate of Sokoto expect a woman’s outfit to be a tightfit.

DSS ran a check on my two cell phone numbers and went through my phones.

Who knows what else they did on my phones, as I have just observed an email of Date With SSS is missing.

Perhaps the email deleted itself!!!!

I am not a terrorist, after all.

I am not a Boko Haram suicide bomber despite wearing a Niqab.

Surprise! Surprise!

My apartment is at present in shambles.

Throughout the search on Thursday afternoon, I sang Igbo songs, an indication I will not suck up to anyone.

– The resistance!

That day, I was treated as a criminal and my Hijab and Niqab were forcefully removed.

I was photographed and taken to my home without my Niqab.

If this is the approach of persons who attend intelligence training school, how are those who go to school of retards to behave?

I ask my akada and well-wishers to please note the paucity of details in this publication is to make the job of my lawyer much easier.

If for SSS alone, I intended to publish a bit-by-bit serialized account of my experience with them.

If DSS/ SSS do not want me to write what they say or do to me, they should not cross my life.

The Department Of State Security cannot have an impact against my life and silence me.

Again, I intend to make the job of good persons easier.

There are very few persons who can stand and identify with the oppressed.

My good friend Mama Blessing is one of such persons.

I remain grateful to her for her friendship.

Once, I broke into tears during interrogation.

The day was Saturday afternoon in the course of the only interrogation that occurred in the presence of my lawyer.

I mentioned Nigeria and became emotional and wept.

Each night in my cell, I battled with myself.

If this is the mode of operation of the so-called top security agency, they will only create anarchy and not security in the nation.

How do I fight my own nation, a nation I have loved and defended?

How do I become the enemy of my country?

How do I become the problem?

How do I change who I am?

The Headquarters of Department Of State Security, in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory ~FCT, ought to note that compelling me to provide private life experiences has only made me despise them.

If that is their mission, they ought to clap for themselves.

To Muslims concerned over my rejection of Islam: Please do not worry.

~ Post-Publication Addendum ~

I no longer profess Islam as my Religion.

Others should not emulate my rejection of Islam.



    December 14, 2014

    I have seen you severally in Sokoto and I think you must be going through a lot. Nonetheless, I still think there are solutions which you probably do not consider. If you are willing to talk I can send you my email address. I fear so much for you.
    Anyway, fist things first. please repent to Allah now and come back into His deen. I’d also suggest you visit It’s a very helpful website where you can get scholarly advice on issues such as yours and more. May Allah grant us success.

    • Umm Sulaim
      December 14, 2014


      Thanks for the concern.

      I do not engage in private discussions.

      However, I am curious to know your fears for me and the solutions I do not consider.

      I hope marriage is not one of the solutions, as that is an insult.

      The one and only,
      Umm Sulaim

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