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There in the morn
Driving to work
Is a man I crave.

Eyes on the road
He turns and again
Yes I have his attention.

Smiling he waves
My fingers acknowledge
Him I could have.

Is he for me?
I desire more than money
The farce of glamour.

What is in him?
Can he make me laugh
Good pleasure I give.

Is he a commitment man
Many commit
Hurt and pain.

He walks towards me
A day never to forget
Flowers in hand.

Oh lover!
Our eyes meet
Locked in wonder.

He paused
Anything, I asked
Hmmh hmmh, he reassured.

His face told another story
Concerned glances
Over his shoulder.

He radiated
Genuine, affection and soul
In a moment I had forgotten.

I visited him
To discover a woman
Wrapped in his arms.

But love I will
Another and yet another
For love is worth loving.

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