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Muslim women were essential builders of every aspect of the Ummah in the early years of the final establishment of Islam.

In those days, female Companions of the Messenger Of Allah were experts, from critical analysis to Jihad.

Jihad, though not mandatory on the feminine gender, was imparted by the prominence of women.

The contrast to contemporary times is the roles of women in those days were not overshadowed or obstructed by Muslim men.

Today’s psychology and expectations of a woman include:

a~ Passive and indecisive;

b~ Male dominated;

c~ Disregarded and unappreciated;

d~ Incompetent and in constant need of parental or male approvals.

It is for these reasons a persistent question emerges:

How is it that a woman who is no more than a dummy in own eyes is transformed into a frontline authority on activism once sentiments for murder are triggered.

Murder has become synonymous with Jihad.

Male protagonists of “Jihad” approve, plan and execute the targeting of civilians.

Women applaud, elated that a “spy” is about to be executed in the name of protecting Muslims against the kuffar.

Enquire from her the features that led to the exposure of this “spy” and the response is unbelievably insane.

The proof for espionage is foreign nationality.

Individuals found guilty of espionage against Muslims are guilty of nothing more than holding citizenship of a foreign identity.

Muslims who do not strut the ideology of these so-called Mujahideen are not spared, for they too are spies.

Research on females involved in what is commonly labeled Jihad finds these women are mere vessels of concepts they cannot understand, let alone defend.

To complicate living for Muslims, these women dress in Niqab to perpetrate attacks.

Women in Niqab have become a symbol of Boko Haram’s suicide missions.

Women in Niqab who pose no security threat are wedged between two counterpart mentality – abusers of the Niqab and its haters.


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