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For some reason, numerous Muslims across the globe believe the solution to current humiliation of Muslims will be resolved with the emergence of the Khilaphah.

In addition, to garner support for the Khilaphah, Muslims cite the existence of national borders across Muslim lands and immigration restrictions.

They dream of a return to the era when Muslims travelled across continents freely and without need to identify with any one nation.

The Reality ~

Due to the prevalence of socialism on Arab nationalism in the last century, notably during struggles against western imperialism, Muslims are spontaneously disinclined to any concept of nationhood.

The Khilaphah it must be.

Muslims are not to endeavour to uplift the status of their nation and compatriots, for that is nationalism and haram.

Rather, Muslims should make their nation a home in every sense of the word.

From Brazil to Benin and from Uruguay to Uzbekistan, Muslims have an obligation to be productive members of the society.

There is absolutely no need or reason for Muslims to exit their nation of residence or citizenship to throng a central point called Khilaphah, Islamic Khaliphate or Islamic State.

Hijrah is to a land of safety and peace of mind wherever that land is.

An oppressed Muslim, provided one can afford, is required to relocate to a better abode.

The destination need not be a Khilaphah, as any safe town is valid.

It is worth observing that much oppression of Muslims occur at the hands of other Muslims.

And NO, the perpetrators are not the typical Muslims some love to hate.

The culprits are Muslims who perceive Islam as a justification for violations of the rights and freedoms of others.

Those Muslims, effectively, turn the Sharee’ah into their toilet.

They achieve this not by emptying the bowels on Aayaat ~Verses of the Qur’an, but by distorting the Sharee’ah.

In such a circumstance, not only will the Khilaphah compel everyone into silence – zero freedom of speech – but one’s utterances may earn one an unwarranted execution supposedly for disobeying the Khaliph.

Moreover, the Khilaphah is not complete without adherents who consistently intimidate the Ulema to extract a Fatwa in support of unrestricted murder of Muslims in the name of Jihad.

An egregious number of oppressive Muslims live in what is at present referred to as Islamic State.

The dream for the Khilaphah, nevertheless, persists.

Dream ~

Muslims will live under one banner.

Muslims will fight Jihad under one leader.

Unity among Muslims is a pleasant dream.

Do Muslims need a Khilaphah to feel for the Desi, Arab, Oromo, Pashtun, Hispanic or African Muslim they meet in their interactions?

The Sharee’ah demolished racial and ethnic barriers.

The threat to free movement of Muslims is not the existence of national borders, but the erection of psychological tribal demarcations.

Interestingly, some of the champions of Religion are the worst tribalists.

Muslims can attest that the state of helpless will continue:

Until we return to our Deen. ~>Messenger Of Allah


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