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Although I neither support nor oppose President Goodluck Jonathan, I gladly defend him for these positions:

He represents Nigeria.
A good number of his antagonists have no regard for Nigeria either.

They attack Goodluck, as he symbolizes what they love to hate – Nigeria.

Moreover, they can always claim that the Nigeria Nation does not work because the president is not a dancer.

He represents the other.
Much of the impetus against Goodluck originates from his being “not of our own”.

Defending his rights to contest in presidential election and lead this nation is at par to advocating the rights of every other citizen deemed second class by persons who assert that they alone have rights within this nation.

For instance, those against him for being a Christian also disrespect Muslims for not conforming to own distortions of Islam.

Those against him for being Ijaw equally despise Nigerians whose ethnicity differs.

He represents reality.
As many Nigerians rely on rumours as a source of information, few are prepared to acknowledge the reality of the achievements of his administration.

In this case, ignorance is a comfort to be grasped.

Rather than conduct research to harness relevant information on the activities of government, such Nigerians embrace anti-government rhetoric.

He represents the public.
As public officials are expected to be corrupt, Goodluck Jonathan is by default neck deep in corruption, whether or not there is even the slightest evidence of this.

Interestingly, as the average worker is a public official, the average Nigerian home will have at least one corrupt resident, bearing in mind the hypothesis that:

Public official = Corruption.

Nigerians will not contend with self, siblings, parents, uncles and aunts against bribery and embezzlement.

NO! Corrupt are only persons far away in Aso Rock.

~ Post-Publication Addendum ~

My loyal akada and guests ought to read current article along with Nigeria North: AHEAD OF 2015 ELECTIONS



  1. Nazifi
    November 15, 2014

    I have 3 questions for you

    1. Are you really a Muslim? I think I asked you this one before.
    2. Are you really a Nigerian?
    3. Are you really a Northerner ?

    I asked this because as a Muslim you should at least feel a little sad bout the flight of Muslims in the North. Boko Haram Militants taking a whole city hostage, a whole city of supposedly civilised humans in a civilised nation (wai).

    As a patriotic Nigerian you wouldn’t be ascerting that public officials are expected to be curropt, but you go as far as saying that the fact that GEJ is “neck deep” in curroption makes him a representative of Nigeria. And if I might add another question, How is Goodluck reality ? I think he is more like a disturbing nightmare that we must wake up from. But that is my opinion eh?

    As a Northerner and a Muslim considering how many times Allah (SWT) warned us against those people I will always prefer a Muslim no matter how bad or corrupt he might be.

    Allah in his infinite wisdom created me, you and GEJ and He mad GEJ our leader, I pray to Almighty to change GEJ for someone better and that if GEJ is what he chooses for us again then we can’t do anything but accept.

    May Allah SWT guide us into all truth. Ameenm

    • Umm Sulaim
      November 16, 2014


      Ask your mother whether she is a Muslim and a Nigerian.

      Your ignorance is alarming. Worse, you read my writings with your brain on vacation.

      Switch on your brain and try again. You will find the answer to your third question in my publications.

      You will also discover the reality to your ramblings.

      Your so-called preference for a Muslim is tainted and a ruse.

      Your habit to miss sarcasm is defining.

      The one and only,
      Umm Sulaim

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