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RELATIONSHIPS: Unmarried And Proud

I am single and proud of it;
Assertive without need of a man’s approval;
Intelligent and not half of a man’s;
Yes I am a woman.

I live where I choose;
Go as I please;
Socialize to my taste;
Yes I am a woman.

I am no man’s pleasure toy;
To be caressed when his urge;
Is in a rout;
Forgotten when he is out;
Expected to wait patiently until;
Next time another woman turns him on.

I am unmarried and proud;
I live on my terms;
Keep the company of understanding friends;
Men and women who value self and others;
Yes I am a woman.

I am no man’s pawn;
Not to fall for the flattery of vultures;
Never to substitute insults for love;
Nor be a vessel of a man’s rage.

I am unmarried and proud;
Only lovers do I admire;
Men who respect their wife;
Barack Obama you are one;
One more awaits me.

In our secret rendezvous.


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