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Whether a friendship or intimate interaction, relationships are designed to positively and constantly build participants.

Any low points in a relationship should be brief and devoid of malicious content.

Despite that, one might find self in an unhealthy relationship, where one party wields undue emotional influence over the course of the relationship.

These questions applies to a range of emotionally abusive liaisons:

Does the comfort zone of a spouse violate one’s peace of mind?

Does a friend derive pleasure in causing discord in one’s social circle?

Does a spouse take credit for one’s work, asking one to cooperate?

Does a suitor barrage one with insults the moment one ends the relationship?

Does a spouse interact with the opposite gender but accuse one of flirting when one does the same?

Does a spouse have a full social life, but restrict one to the home?

Does a spouse insist the conflicts in the marriage is one’s fault?

Does a spouse hinder one from one’s friends?

Does a spouse keep an eye on everything one’s does on the internet?

Does a friend provide information only to the extent that favours the friend?

Does a spouse deny one sustenance because one is not worth the expense?

Does a spouse say no one else will want to be one’s friend?

Does a friend offer assistance with strings attached?

Does a spouse demand one hand over one’s earnings as one is not competent to manage own salary?

Does a spouse always have somewhere to go when one is in pain?

After the abuse, does the spouse profess love for one?

After the abuse, does the friend demand forgiveness?

After the abuse, does the spouse blame the incident on anger?

After the abuse, does the spouse come out with smiles, hugs and kisses?

After the abuse, does the spouse tell one not to provoke the dispute again?

After the abuse, does the spouse refuse to seek counselling?

After the abuse, does the spouse tell one’s friends all is well?

When one seeks the dissolution of the relationship, does the spouse gloat:

Who else will have you?

Who else will love you?

You will die alone.

You do not have friends. I am your only friend.

My dear akada, if this writing describes your suitor, spouse or friends, plan your exit from that relationship.

You deserve better.


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