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Nigeria North: AHEAD OF 2015 ELECTIONS

Opposition to the federal government has been underway, though exacerbated since 2010.

Accusations against the government of Goodluck Jonathan vary from incompetence to overzealousness on security.

How one can be nonchalant and excessive simultaneously remains a riddle.

In 2013, the manoeuvre to ensure Goodluck Jonathan does not contest the 2015 presidential election reached a climax.

Seven Northern governors of the People’s Democratic Party ~PDP conducted underground meetings to rally support to uproot the President.

What is the precise motive behind all the agitation?

The President is a Christian.

Four years ago, I was speechless to hear some children energetically charge that they opposed Goodluck Jonathan.

Why? I asked.

The response came with renewed vigour:

He is a Christian!

Yes, children were not exempt from the religious games of their parents.

After confirming that the fervour against the President was religious, I pondered:

Oh! All of a sudden it is no longer convenient to support a Christian against a Muslim.

Yes, because that Muslim is one of their own.

The presidential rival was Muhammadu Buhari.

In 2010, on the eve of the President’s campaign visit to Sokoto, I heard some Southerners, Yorubas, discussing the trip.

One mentioned one of Goodluck’s positive social abilities: He learnt Hausa through his interactions.

He will do more than speak Hausa to gain the support of these people, were my musings.

Billboards containing photographs of Goodluck Jonathan and his running mate Muhammad Namadi Sambo were erected in strategic spots across the town.

Two of such billboards were located in my path of regular movement.

One was at the entrance to Nasarawa area of Arkilla and the other, just before Usmanu Danfodio University main gate.

Both billboards suffered the same repercussion, for both bore the same sign of vandalism.

The bandit-redesigned billboards were thus:

The image of Goodluck was shredded; that of Muhammad was left intact.

Each time I passed each of the billboards, I marvelled:

These people are playing games!

Each time I rode past the one near the university grounds, I observed the facial expression of fellow passengers.

On sighting the distorted images, Christians cringe while Hausa-Fulanis and any Muslim who swallowed the hypocrisy grin.

Once, I resisted the urge to give a conductor a good piece of my mind.

While going on a diatribe over not voting for Goodluck because he is a Christian, the imbecile smiled staring at me, as if I should be impressed.

Was he outspoken against the Christian who prevented me from attending my lectures over my Niqab?

Interestingly, the position of the Hausa-Fulani is that no one stopped me from attending lectures.

That is expected for several reasons among which was their overt support for that Christian.

That Christian, who I add is Igbo, was sinless for his actions were in line with Hausa-Fulani culture.

The Christian, the subject of current political attention, is more evil than shaytan himself.

Should the same Christian conspire to enforce only Hausa-Fulani version of Islam on Muslims across Nigeria, the opposition to him will diminish.

Should the same Christian offer to force-feed Nigerians Hausa-Fulani culture, the opposition to him will dissipate.


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