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I am not answerable to them, were my remarks which I reiterated, emphasized with shaking my head.

The venue was the office of the Officer In Charge ~OC at Sokoto State Police Command.

The occasion was the complaint of intimidation I lodged against Sirajo Aliyu.

With both Sirajo and I present, in an attempt to resolve my concerns, the OCD suggested to Sirajo that when the latter and his friends observe any of my actions, instead of threats and intimidation they should ask me to explain my actions for them to understand.

I am not answerable to them.

The OCD was initially taken aback; he conceded to my objection.

Prior to that, I rejected the recommended that Sirajo should advise me when he notices my action.

He is not my advisor.

Again, with emphasis and with the OCD dropping the recommendation, I retained my freedoms.

Before the suggestions, the OCD as well as other CIDs instructed Sirajo I should be left alone to my Religion.

How I practise my Religion is my right.

The primary objective for my objections was to seal any loophole through which a people already notorious for imposing self on others will feel legally empowered to intimidate me.

For my troubles, the Deputy Commissioner’s feedback to his boss was that I am a very stubborn woman!!!!

– Just great, is it not?!!!

The state police chiefs now know me as stubborn!!!

– Just wonderful!

There I was thinking with my being covered from head to toe I was a woman who needed a man to tell me my right from my left!!!!

Oh! Well!

I really have a case with the Commissioner and his deputy.

Nevertheless, the deputy was right in the explanation that I was tenacious about fighting for my rights.

I do preserve my rights and freedoms according to Islam.

However, the right to Religion endorsed in the Sharee’ah is caught in a loop of abuse.

Abuse of an individual’s freedom of Religion occurs at various levels:

1~ Someone who indulges in all sorts of social vices – smokes cigarettes and marijuana, drinks alcohol, gambles, fornicates, rarely prays, lies – can, at convenience, quote Islam not to reverse own wrongdoing but to compel someone else to act as desired.

Should one resist, one is subject to violence for one has become a kafir.

That is the case with Sokoto, where Islam is merely a tool of oppression.

One will be astonished at the ease with which a Muslim can be called a kafir for not dancing as required.

Yes, Christians are not the only ones addressed as kafir.

2~ The second level of violations of individual freedoms in contravention of the Qur’an and the Sunnah occurs when a person is conscious of Allah and strives to remain on the straight path, yet overrules the range of permissible options available to an individual.

To this individual, Islam is only as one practises. Everyone must be brought into step.

Even when one is allowed to act differently within the Sharee’ah, such a person frowns at one’s actions, and disparages one.

In such cases, one is labelled an apostate ~murtad, a kafir, and a munafiq ~hypocrite.

In addition, one may be accused of being westernized.

In both cases, one has to be careful not to be caught in the quagmire, for one wonders why one’s Religion is used against one.

Until Muslims develop and harness the love of Islam and intend to act according to it, Nigeria is best as it is in terms of regulation and governance.

Until Muslims respect that whatever one has memorized of the Sharee’ah is evidence against self and not against others, Nigeria is best as it is in terms of diversity of united values.

The Religion of Islam is an unrivalled right, too precious to be limited by the directives of psychos.

To end, below is an illustration of the effects of personal beliefs on Sharee’ah approved freedoms.

Two incidents occurred that day, one in my premises and the other at State Command.

At the point in my interaction with the CIDs when Islam was introduced, an official of a particular ethnicity enquired cynically:

Are you a Muslim?

I ignored him. I need not appease anyone in Islam.

Earlier when we went to invite Sirajo to the Command, as soon as I identified my home, the same person established an interest.

After I explained I live alone and am unmarried, he again asked as if I had committed an abomination in Islam:

You are unmarried?

I retorted: Is it against the law to be unmarried?

To my rebuttal, he raised his hands, with: No.



  1. abu aishat
    November 6, 2014

    Assalam alaykum. You need to be highly patient ( endure) in your relationship with people.
    Can you count / remember how many people you have quarrel with? Were you rights each time you had issues with others? If no, why do you claim RIGHTS always?
    I advice you get married, whether you like it not, it is a solution to your restlessness, probably to sirajo. Second, you need RUKIA – spiritual prayer to disentangle you from bondage of jinns.
    A word is enough for a wise.

    • Umm Sulaim
      November 6, 2014

      Abu Aishat,

      Your remark is so ignorant it is an embarrasment to allow it on my website.

      Do I ask anyone to count or remember their quarrels with others?

      What has patience to do with giving people rights that they do not have?

      What do you understand of the term rights?

      You really need to pick up a book that explains rights and freedoms.

      If I am wrong in my actions, the police are there to correct me. Unlike some other Muslims who feign goodness, I have no such pretensions.

      I work with the police to preserve my rights within the law.

      As you have proven a theme in my publications that Muslims have a disdain for rights and freedoms, I shall continue to advocate the rights of the individual on this website.

      Keep your advice to yourself. Should you offer me unsolicited and condescending advice ever again, I will direct you to your mother.

      I am unmarried. Get used to it.

      Do you listen to yourself? To your mentality, a woman who promotes rights and freedoms is possessed by evil spirits. Clap for yourself.

      You, not I, need to be set free from jinn.

      Get wise before advising me on wisdom.

      The one and only,
      Umm Sulaim

      • abu aishat
        November 6, 2014

        My mother! What has this to do with my mother. I guess you dont have one, hence you will not descend so low to drag motherhood into mud.
        With your utterances, behaviour and attitude, i am convince you are not a normal girl. So you need to be examined by psychiatrist and rukia expert for deliverance.
        Umm Sulaim Taqwa Iman a right advocator but lacks manner, common sense, very arrogant … With thèse attitudes you cannot free yourself not to talk of others.
        What is your gain in This abnormality; You cannot live in Lagos not to talk of sokoto, UDUS cannot accommodate You, open university cannot etc
        You cannot marry because You know no man Can abhor You, probably jinns.
        Time is ticking, retrace your steps before It is too late.
        From Sokoto to where, i guess your village! Can your people abhor an indolent and arrogant girl l’île you?

        • Umm Sulaim
          November 6, 2014

          Abu Aishat,

          Yes! Your mother!

          Whatever misconceptions you have of women should be reserved for your mother.

          She brought you into this world. She alone should endure your misogyny.

          The good part is that your rants are just that, rants, and have no bearing on reality.

          Allah bless Nigeria for the freedoms I enjoy so much.

          It eats you that in Nigeria no woman has to conform to your perception.

          Yes! In Nigeria no woman is affected by your psychosis. Every woman has rights and freedoms that are not subject to the approval of any man.

          Oh! I cannot live in Lagos. Really? Why is that? Tell us.

          If you are a spokesperson for Usmanu Danfodio University, identify yourself, so I can write a detailed article mentioning names.

          That way my akada will decide for themselves.

          Open University? Ask your jinn to inform you of any of my activities there.

          You are infuriated that I will not marry you.

          You are a bitter man because I shunned your marriage proposal.

          The one and only,
          Umm Sulaim

          • abu aishat
            November 6, 2014

            Any proposal by any man to you must have been in error, which You are aware of. The first and last lasted eight months, why? Even when You are ready for a new marriage You May not get and when It happens from the Guy ignorance, It cannot last 90 days.
            Since You have decided to live a misérable life go ahead. Very soon, You Will realise the evils You have done to your self.
            Tread softly, Next time You Play to police hands and You are incarcerated, That May be your permanent abode.
            You complain of sokoto and hausa / fulani but You Can not leave. Why and to where?
            Stop embarrasing islam which You dont understand.

            • Umm Sulaim
              November 6, 2014

              Of course, you will call the proposal an error because you were dumped, just as I ditched my former husband.

              I know you creatures who parade as men are yet to recover from that.

              A woman getting rid of a psychotic spouse is too much for your ilk.

              Sad news for you: Islam grants women the right to divorce a man, even seconds after the marriage.

              Tell us about your marriage, as you are an expert on marriage, and how your wife endures you.

              Do you even pay attention to her? Do you not use her as your one-night stand?

              Is that the Sharee’ah definition of marriage?

              Is your wife contented to be married to you? Is she not another abandoned wife?

              Do you appreciate her?

              Are you now a spokesperson for the police?

              While you identify with police abuse, I identify with the police who do their job well.

              You are annoyed that intimidation and threats have not made me stop recognising Sokoto as part of Nigeria.

              One more bad news for you: Islam is for everyone and not just for persons you like.

              You are not the one to say who represents Islam.

              The one and only,
              Umm Sulaim

              • abu aishat
                November 6, 2014

                For your information, my wife and i are happily married and we are good friends. You are jealous! Sorry, Never mind, You scuttled your first marriage. Since You are married to the internet, so be It. Write more on sirajo, nepa bill, hausa / fulani, jollof rive etc.
                Have You heard That your distance husband, Obama (umm sulaim the dreamer) lost the control of both the senate and the house. Won’t You celebrate It.
                Learn to be a good muslimah – Read the idéal muslimah. I made your Day, atleast i remove today’s boredom and lonelyness. You should appreciate on That. I rest for now.

                • Umm Sulaim
                  November 6, 2014

                  Abu Aishat,

                  One wonders the basis of jealousy over a man one rejected.

                  Which married person will claim not to be happily married?

                  You discuss my private life. I discuss yours.

                  Do your wife have access to the internet? Have you barred her from the social media?

                  You are obsessed with my freedom. The internet allows me to express events in my life and not just the copy and paste your ilk expect of women.

                  Barack Obama is a remarkable man. I would love to have him any day.

                  That is freedom, the freedom to have any man of my choice.

                  Tell your mother to be a good Muslim.

                  You only proved to the world your obsession with me.

                  You will be back to relish my writings, for you do not get the same excitement in your marriage.

                  The one and only,
                  Umm Sulaim

  2. Umm Sulaim
    November 6, 2014

    In view of the dispute over women’s rights, it is pertinent to add a link to: BATTLE OF THE SEXES

    The one and only,
    Umm Sulaim

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