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This message to Nigerian Armed Forces, my representatives on the security front, has become necessary in the aftermath of the invasion of Mubi by Boko Haram, considering the announced ceasefire between our military and insurgents.

While the ceasefire holds for a faction of Boko Haram, other disingenuous aggressors remain antagonistic to peace.

Military chiefs should please note that.

While the entirety of an organisation are expected to join the peace process, whenever only a section has ratified peace, security measures must continue with the rest of the group.

In simpler terms, provided there remain components of Boko Haram not covered by the peace deal, caution should have been exercised to account for surprises.

Surprises are costly and demoralizing.

The invasion of Mubi, the hub of essential life in Adamawa State, is a momentary relapse.

Nigerians and our military deserve less of such slips.

Contrary to a previous remark, it is possible rumours of the attack on Mubi either did not exist or were not well circulated.

In any case, do note the movement of Boko Haram who may transport arms and ammunitions in single individual units so as not to attract attention.

It is critical to cutoff the local support base of Boko Haram who harbour insurgents in their residence.

Please monitor activities of Boko Haram want-to-be to arrest them before they join the insurgency.

Allah maintain the resolve of our security agencies to keep us safe and secure.

Allah bless our dear nation, Nigeria.

Long live the Republic.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim



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