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US ELECTIONS: Letter To Minorities


This is addressed based on some common concerns to interest groups whose identities vary:

a~ Muslims
b~ Africans
c~ Women

Four main concerns will determine your votes:

1~ Abortion

2~ Gay Marriage

3~ US-Muslim relationship

4~ US Policy On Africa

Every right thinking individual understands abortion should never be conducted except when necessary.

Democrats appreciate women are capable of making the right choice of reason and circumstance to terminate a pregnancy.

If the women in your life – your mother, sister, daughter, aunt – are a precious asset to the society, support them with a vote for a Democrat candidate in your state.

If the women in your life are a liability, vote for someone else.

Homosexuality is legal in the United States, a vote for Republicans will not drastically change that drift.

While the United States and the west in general are notorious for imposing their way of life on the rest of the world, the latter need not tow the line without resistance.

In other words, the legality of gay and lesbian marriage in America has little effect on laws elsewhere provided nationals oppose homosexuality in own homeland.

Plus, it is worth noting that some in the anti-Barack Obama camp are closet homosexuals, even if they root for Republicans.

With strikes against ISIS and concerns over retaliation on US soil, tensions are high.

The debate is on whether there should be American troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

Again, one ought to note that some persons, including Muslims and Africans, desire a Republican leadership in the United States for the sole purpose of waging further illegal wars against Muslims, not necessarily ISIL.

One should not be deluded that such wars will magically exterminate whatever one may term terrorism.

If anything, the existence of the Islamic State, as they call themselves, is a slap to those who hallucinated that the national security of the west was tied to the elimination of Usamah Bin Laden.

Admitted, the United States to some extent neglect or disregard the interest of the continent of Africa.

That should be an inspiration for us to expect more of our respective national government.

The discriminatory treatment on Ebola Virus Disease is a glaring case, with 5,000 dead West Africans mostly from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Do you, however, consider the situation will improve with a Republican majority in Congress?

A better question:

Are Republicans ecstatic that 7.1 million previously uninsured Americans now have access to healthcare coverage?

Vote wisely.

The one and only,
Umm Sulaim


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