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Islam is wrongly perceived as an Arab Religion, which was hoisted on Africans.

Little are Africans aware of the significant roles played by our pioneers among the proponents of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.

Indeed, Africans were prominent in shaping the Sharee’ah.

For instance, the de facto mother (wet nurse) of the Prophet was Umm Ayman, an African and an Ethiopian.

The Messenger Of Allah loved her and all her descendents.

He paid particular attention to her welfare and that of her children.

It is worth noting that he freed her and married her to an Arab, Zaid Bin Harithah.

Her son from that marriage Usamah Bin Zaid was, at the age of 18, once the General of the Muslim Army ~Mujahideen.

Yes, the son of an African led an army of mostly Arabs.

The one who made the Aadhan (Call For Prayer) for the Prophet was also an African named Bilal.

He did not offer that service to anyone after the Prophet, except on one occasion.

The Messenger Of Allah defended Bilal when the latter was the recipient of racist slurs.

Prophet Muhammad strongly rebuked the speaker Abu Dharr, an Arab.

He is your brother, was the lesson from that incident.

Besides, Prophet Muhammad taught his Companions that:

An Arab is not superior to a non-Arab. Whites are not superior to Blacks.

Plus, Bilal an African was freed from his cruel owner by an Arab Abu Bakr who later became the first Khaliph.

Nagashi, the King of Ethiopia was an African who received communications from the Messenger Of Allah.

From the interactions between the two men arose the principle that for a leader to marry a woman in another nation he might as a matter of diplomacy contact the leader of that nation.

The woman the Messenger Of Allah sought to marry was Umm Salamah, an Arab migrant ~muhajirah to Ethiopia.

The Nagashi married her to the Prophet.

The legal consequence of that is an African was the guardian ~wali of an Arab woman.

Apart from the Companions of the Prophet, Africans throughout the centuries were eminent jurists.

In recent times, the immediate past Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Shaykh Bin Baaz was of Senegalese descent.

Africans, I suggest we not throw away concepts based on our love for our own.

Our own made remarkable achievements elsewhere.

Plus those who are dissimilar to us are not always the wicked witch, as indicated above.



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