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15 DAYS A PRISONER | Police Relations I

Date: Friday August 15, 2014

Time: Around noon

The police women rebuffed Sirajo Aliyu’s directive that I depart for the police station without my covering.

It is worth noting that while Sirajo is of an ethnicity, Hausa-Fulani, that drag Islam into every atrocity of theirs, both police women were Christians, to whom neither the Hijab nor Niqab is a religious teaching.

Yet, both women respected my right to the Hijab, the Hijab and Niqab, which Hausa-Fulanis insist must meet their approval.

The same pattern was repeated at the Wamakko Police Division, with Hausa-Fulani officers ordering I be strip-searched to the horror of the police women.

The three Hausa-Fulani police men with whom I had direct contact were despicable.

A common denominator was obsession with my face.

Another was contempt for the truth.

A third was pretence. They were congenial only as a hoax.

Other male police officers, Muslims and Christians were genuinely cordial and concerned for me, though we disagreed on procedures.

I pay obeisance to all the police women on duty that afternoon.

– All of them non-Hausa-Fulani of various ethnicities.

– All of them of low cadres.

– All of them Christians.

– All of them in solidarity with me.

All of them cooperated.

Nigeria works for me.

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~ Please note my full official name is Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa and my ethnicity is Igbo not Yoruba. ~

Reluctant to issue a police statement without consulting a lawyer, I expressed my concerns to the Divisional Crime Officer ~DCO.

I did not wish to undergo the automatic detention implicit with a signed statement.

He assured me I could still be detained even without rendering a statement.

I still cannot believe I was talked into providing a statement.

I did render the statement and I was detained.

I was furious with the police.

I was arrested at the instance of Sirajo and detained by the police.

At the police station, I found love.

Serious laughter!

It mirrors my incarceration where I was loved and cared for by prison wardens.

Neither the police nor prison officials in any nation are famous for leniency and personal interactions with accused persons.

The same applies to many of the experiences of Nigerians.

I did experience warmth from a good number of correctional officials.

Allah bless my nation Nigeria.


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