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In continuation of the refutation of the claims of some Hausa-Fulanis concerning the identities of Boko Haram, do these names sound familiar to Hausa-Fulani ethnicity?

1~ Ali Mohammed

2~ Adamu Karumi

3~ Ibrahim Usman

4~ Bala Haruna

5~ Idris Ali

6~ Mohammed Murtala

7~ Kadiri Mohammed

8~ Mustapha Daura

9~ Abba Duguri

10~ Sanni Adamu

11~ Danjuma Yahaya

12~ Musa Audu

13~ Mati Daura

14~ Farouk Haruna

15~ Abdullahi Azeez

16~ Ibrahim Bukar

17~ Zula Diani.

Those are men arrested for conspiracy to perpetrate acts of terrorism in Lagos in contravention of the sanctity of mind, body, life and property of citizens of Nigeria.

Were the men free of sexual liaisons, legal and illegitimate?

Did they not have friends and persons who know them?

Did they conduct their movements with their face covered?

And NO, they were not arrested in Sambisa or any other forest.

Rather they operated from two houses in Lagos:

a~ Plot 5, Road 69,
Lekki Phase I Housing Estate

b~ 24 Oyegbeni Street,

Did their social life hinder them from stocking illegal weapons?

i – 3 packets of explosive construction pipes
ii – 15 detonators
iii – 11 AK47 rifles
iv – 30 rounds of live ammunitions
v – 200 rounds of 7.6 millimetres live ammunition
vi – 2 suitcases containing explosives
vii – a water container filled with explosives.

The first three were convicted.

Were the remaining 14 unaware of the security threat posed by those three?

Did they inform security agencies?

Did they cease to associate with those three?

Hausa-Fulanis: While you attempt to delude Nigerians you are ignorant of the violence of your people, do keep your blood-thirsty kinsmen out of Lagos.

Lagos is my city.

I was not harassed over culture or land throughout my residency in Lagos.

Nor did Muslims conspire to set me up for any reason.

I love Yorubas.


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