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This morning, right outside my premises I encountered a uniformed officer.

He was dressed in greenish-brown khaki and a pair of heavy boots with a rucksack strapped on his back from both shoulders and a rifle slung over his right shoulder.

Are you a police officer or a soldier? I called to him.

He turned towards me.

Why do you ask?

Nothing, I responded, shaking my head. I am just curious. I just want to know.

I am a police officer. Is there any problem?


You just want to know?


We separated.

The police are human.

Once in my early twenties, I heard behind me the foot sounds of heavy boots and a voice.

Comot for road! Comot for road! in pidgin English [Step out of the way!]

In an instant, I stepped aside and looked over my right shoulder in astonishment to check the source of the sounds.

Just a footstep away from me was a uniformed police officer, marching.

I could not believe my experience and in protest, I joked in a light tone.

Which one is: Comot for road! Comot for road?

He laughed and greeted me.

Good morning.

I reciprocated and he continue his march.

A little earlier as a nineteen year-old teenager, I walked towards a team of police officers stationed at a roundabout.

I commenced a conversation with one of them.

Soon, he reached inside his clothing and produced a handgun.

I was struck with excitement, for that was the first time I had seen a gun at close range.

Oh! Let me have a look, please! stretching my hands to take the gun.

Immediately came the caution, with a sharp tone and a blank facial expression.

If you touch it, I will arrest you.

Oh! All right! Keep your gun.

From that, I learnt a civilian is not to as much as touch a firearm, let alone handle one.

I salute the Nigeria Police.


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