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The humanity in our police is within easy reach when one psychologically peels the uniforms, armoury and, most significantly, inherent fear of the police.

Casual interactions with the police is not always an option.

However, should one endeavour to reach deep to the official presentation of authority, one discovers the police officer with human feelings.

Of course, there is an escalated probability the first direct experience one has with the police will be negative.

Peaceful street demonstrations may be quelled with excessive show of power.

Persons accused of insignificant issues are detained unnecessarily merely as routine.

That is the way it has always been done, one will hear.

The natural and acceptable response to such disregard for the rights of private citizens is disgust.

Yes, one should feel indignant the police conduct their obligations in manners that cause discomfort to Nigerians.

The question is: What does/ can/ will/ should one do about it?

1. Encourage or bribe a police officer to oppress another citizen to satisfy one’s anti-social habits?

While this practice is prevalent, it makes one part of the problem with the Nigeria Police.

2. Lodge a legal complaint with the police commission or National Human Rights Commission?

This is both legal and legitimate.

3. Calmly articulate the inconsiderate and retrogressive nature of abuses by law enforcement officials?

This requires courage on one’s part and a willingness to reason on the part of the police.

Never attempt to dialogue with any security agent who finds freedom of expression an unacceptable conduct of a detainee.

Do not inform such a person that one is dissatisfied with the behaviours of the police.

Doing so will only increase one’s ordeal.

Observe the police officers and identify one willing to think in terms of right and wrong and not based on common procedures.

One will receive much contentment when the police officer and others eventually acknowledge the errors in some police processes.

I salute the Nigeria Police.


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