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One ought to appreciate that some Muslims err in their actions.

That is there are Muslims who contravene the provisions of the Sharee’ah of Allah.

Muslims can be tried and sentenced for robbery, rape, mismanagement, breach of trust and a host of other offences against the Law.

In other words, an act of a Muslim is not necessarily approved by Islam nor is the intention always to promote the Sharee’ah.

With that thought, if one assumes that the motivation behind the beheading of a woman by a Muslim in Oklahoma was Islam, one will have radically limited one’s perception of the reality on two major grounds:

a. The motive may well be to cause mischief, redress an imbalance or yes, mental derangement.

One must not overlook that last possibility, unless the right to mental instability is the preserve of non-Muslims.

b. Murder is unlawful in the Sharee’ah, irrespective of the creed of the murdered.

Even if a Muslim misunderstands and misapplies a principle of Islam and causes the death of an individual, that Muslim is liable to penalty.

Yes, according to the Guidance sent by Allah and implemented by His Prophet, Muhammad Ibn AbdAllah, non-Muslims have the right not just to life but also to dignified living.

Beheading of a civilian whether in Oklahoma or elsewhere is unIslamic for the simple reason that the act lacks foundation in the Sharee’ah.

It is one of the numerous violations practised by some contemporary Muslims.

The Messenger Of Allah and his Companions did not execute enemy civilians even during battle, not to mention non-combat situations such as workplace interactions or any other clearly civilian activities.

Finally, one of the roots of Islam is salam ~peace and means submission to Allah such that one’s mind is at peace.

Peace of mind is a demonstrable and observable component of one’s entrance into Islam.

Plans to harm others is neither the sign of a peaceful mind nor of willing submission to the Sharee’ah.

A Muslim is one from whom other Muslims are safe. ~ The Messenger Of Allah

When Muslims are unable to conduct their daily life activities without fear of insecurity from a Muslim, non-Muslims do not have the mouth to complain.

Again, Muslims who in the garb of Islam murder non-Muslims are just as violent towards Muslims for the same intention.

Although a Muslim should not condone aggression or be a victim and reserves the right to defend self and others, one lacks legality to cause harm to fellow humans regardless of orientation.

The explanations outlined above apply to:

1~ Civilians, both nationals at war with Muslims and citizens of nations that bear no aggression against Muslims.

2~ Enemy combatants after the cessation of hostilities.


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