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Are westerners better than you as an African? was my question to a professional contact.

Can you not expose your mind to new forms of identifying a person?

Must you adopt only means of recognition developed and conveyed by the west?

Interestingly, when the west directed that the face was the only mode of knowing someone, many others hopped onto the bandwagon.

Now identification has expanded to DNA testing and finger print, the developing world has yet to reach that.

Still, why are you as well as many Africans set in your mentality such that you are reluctant to step outside your comfort zone to experience a new concept?

The discussion topic was my face covered by my Niqab.

My fellow discussants repeatedly claimed they did not know me so long as they have not seen my face.

Granted, the face is a form of identification, however is it the only form of either interactional and official recognition?

Is it that, for instance, persons with whom one exchanges ideas on social media can be declared known only when one has seen a photograph of them?

If that is the case, then I can as well say I do not know anyone on social media.

I rarely activate my image viewer in my online discussions.

In addition, even my close online contacts whose pictures I have seen will become unknown to me should they sport a different hairstyle or lose or gain extra weight.

That brings to my consciousness a photograph of Barack Obama I viewed.

I did not immediately recognise him.

Does that indicate I do not know the President Of The United States Of America?

For several moments, I strained my eyes to obtain a better visual focus without success.

I utilised my intellect to strip the image of the garments and the face which was unfamiliar to my eyes became known.

It was a photoshopped picture of Barack Obama dressed in a thaub, a turban and a beard!

Rather than visual recognition, I do employ the voice as a valuable means of identification.

My guests receive prompt welcome once I hear the voice.

Knocks at my door I often ignore as that could be unwanted attention seekers.

Conversely, does seeing the face of an individual imply that one knows that person?

Even with visual and vocal stimuli, the crucial form of identification in my lifestyle is attitude.

Whoever has a disgusting personality remains unknown to me, nor do I wish to know the individual.


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