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Monday September 22, 2014. 12:34 hours.

I give him an 11 over 10!

That was my review of J.V.W my new lawyer, in a feedback telephone call to his coordinator.

That was the kind of lawyer-client relationship I sought and expected.

– An interaction free from suspicion, untruths, and undisclosed matters.

– A connection built on mutual respect.

– An interface where information flowed freely.

I learnt much on legal issues in my discussions with J.V.W.

I shared my thoughts; he explained the legal perspective.

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~ Please note my full official name is Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa and my ethnicity is Igbo not Yoruba. ~

That bond was lacking in my contacts with the previous legal adviser.

There was no connection at all.

I wanted information and trust and, however, experienced minute drops of momentary communication which conveyed a faux impression of the reality.

I desired much better.

My Incarceration In Sokoto | Part I

I attained much more.

One of the many productive affects of this whole episode from Friday August 15, 2014 is my connections with persons of various ethnicities.

This time, I was face to face with Nigerians from the currently volatile North-East, Borno and Adamawa States to be specific.

I forgot to ask their ethnicities, though I should be amazed if they are Hausa-Fulani.

I love this nation.

The diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences among Nigerians coalesce on mutual admiration.

Oh Allah! Continue to bless my nation Nigeria. Aameen.

No citizen of this nation should have to expose self to unsatisfactory legal representation, no matter the ethnic dimension a case develops.

In my determination not to endure an insincere advocacy, I reminded myself that I must not bow.

The situation was awful but could become worse should I surround self with the wrong persons.

My insistence on forming all relationships, including legal ones, on trust was an inspiration to seek alternative legal advice.

As of the eve of the trial, I still had no new lawyer.

I was not to grovel to the previous one.

Uncertain of the course of action to adopt on Monday September 22, 2014 the day of trial, I committed the issue to Allah.

I had done my human best to reach a lawyer, without success.

What happened thereafter was entirely left to Allah.

Around 21:45 hours on the eve of the court case, two unwanted visitors were at my door.

I kept them at the door long enough for them to gain some respect for my privacy, before I attended to them.

When I did wear my Hijab and Niqab and stepped outside, the atmosphere was suffocating with affectation.

That was the prompt I needed to resume the search for a competent lawyer.

Using fresh keywords, I soon came across the website of Nigerian Legal Aid Office from which I obtained the details of the State Coordinator A.S.

AlHamduliLlah for the inventors of the internet and for individuals who make relevant information accessible to the public.

At dawned, I called A.S hoping he was in the city. He was.

He offered to assign me a lawyer if possible, and we arranged an appointment for 09:00 hours that morning.


Relieved, I held more positive expectations of the court appearance.

By 08:30 hours, I was in the office of legal aid.

A.S arrived along with J.V.W who was introduced as my legal representative.

During discussions, I reiterated my desire for trust as a foundation for legal liaisons.

Eventually, we reached a considerable state of understanding and J.V.W and I departed for court.

The educative interaction continued.

The police prosecutor Musa Umar arrived and so did Fatimah Suka the magistrate judge.

While we waited for my previous lawyer to reach the court to confirm his status in the case, I repeatedly urged J.V.W to retain his role as my legal representative irrespective of any other event.

The invitation of the previous lawyer should be no more than formal recognition.

J.V.W and I had a remarkable functioning connection.

On the counsel of J.V.W, I change my plea to guilty.

He took necessary steps to end the case favourably.

He further explained there was no legal repercussions of a guilty plea, as the case was not a criminal charge but an F.I.R, a First Information Report.

I thanked him and left the court premises.



3 comments on “MY INCARCERATION IN SOKOTO | In Court IV

  1. Nma
    October 11, 2014

    Why has no prosecution been made against Sirajo for assaulting a female?

    • Umm Sulaim
      October 11, 2014

      My dear,

      Hausa-Fulanis do not penalise their people for crimes committed against other ethnicities.

      One needs to note that despite the false religious flags Hausa-Fulanis employ to cause harm, the harm is meant for every other ethnicity irrespective of Religion.

      Please share with women groups and news media.

      The larger the audience, the better for us, so people see the reality in the North of Nigeria.

      The one and only,
      Umm Sulaim

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