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Actually, No! said Scotland to whether or not the region should be independent.

In the days prior to September 18, 2014 I did not comment on the Scottish Referendum.

I was very emotional at the thought of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom.

The whole episode penetrated my teenage memories, of which the United Kingdom is of utmost significance.

The second half of my teenage experiences occurred in England.

I have not explicitly mentioned the United Kingdom in my writings, my akada however might want to note or recall any of my publications that focuses on my teenage years.

I think the most obvious British memorabilia in my lifestyle is my distinct accent.

I am always asked the origin of my intonation. Britain, it is.

Two life-changing facts in my history have a British scenery.

The first was my exit at 15 years of age from the home of my mum, when I tasted independence and freedom.

The second occurred shortly before my 17th birthday and that was my entrance to Islam, when I willingly wrote Allah into my thoughts.

On that day, I made Allah the Only Decision Maker, apart from me, on issues of my life.

I remain appreciative of the British for my independence, freedom and my Islam.

At the age of 18 after four years in England, I returned to Nigeria.

Although I did not visit Scotland petrified of the cold, I did have a friend who was to study there.

Scotland should map own future within the union.

The vote really could have been either way.

Welcome back, Scotland, for you momentarily slipped.



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