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X-Tribes Of Nigeria II

Prisons are unlikely places of academic learning, more so in the first few days of deprivation of freedom, given the psychological strain the inmate experiences.

Nevertheless, the first two days of my loss of liberty was a period devoted to learning.

Through my interactions with women prison wardens at Sokoto State Prison, I learnt of the Zuru.

Previously, I had heard of the Zuru, but thought of them as a local government.

To my delight, Zurus are an ethnicity distinct from Hausa-Fulanis.

The Zuru have a vibrant ethnic language, again dissimilar to Hausa.

Zurus are found in Kebbi State in the North-West of Nigeria.

Although there is a Zuru local government, Zurus are indigenous to at least six more local governments of Kebbi State, including Yauri local government.

Does the name Bamaiyi sound familiar?

Military Generals Musa Bamaiyi and Ishaya Bamaiyi are Zurus.

Other unknown ethnicities of the North include the Fakai and Argungu both also of Kebbi State.

Argungu is the venue of the famous fishing heritage, the Argungu Fishing Festival.


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