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A noteworthy aspiration!

Can the general population of Muslims distinguish martyrdom from every other form of end of life on this planet?

My curiosity is rekindled each time I read the assertions of a woman seeking martyrdom.

Does she comprehend the circumstances of Jihad let alone martyrdom?

The reputation and character of Muslim women respond with a resounding negative.

Nevertheless, women, some of whom are young adults, speak much of the desire for martyrdom.

Is it that life is too wretched an existence that death is a welcome expectation?

This life as transient as it is is for accomplishment of purpose.

With the prevalence of worldwide contact via social media, women are frequently sweet-talked into departing to conflict regions: Somalia, Syria and now Iraq.

Love, perhaps.

Strange that armed Muslim men have a honey polished tongue. If only women meet such men in peace conditions.

In any case, how many contemporary conflicts qualify as Jihad?

If indeed the combat is Jihad, how is the objective of Jihad attained if no one returns from Jihad alive?

That has been a thought I have pondered for years.


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