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DAY 16: Tuesday September 2, 2014. 13:30 hours.

In the office of the court registrar, everyone engaged in a discussion. I kept out of the dialogue.

I did not intend to pay undeserved attention to any of the officials prosecuting the case.

When the registrar learnt I was not acquainted with Hausa language, he made statements in English.

Word was that the judge Fatimah Suka intended to transfer me to State Security Service!

Imagine that!

I challenged him and derided the sensibility of that position.

Why did she want to transfer me to SSS – because she did not know me? Do I know her?

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In the middle of my first week in Sokoto State Prison, I was secretly informed of a plan by Hausa-Fulani prison wardens to retain me in prison indefinitely.

My offence was my residence in Sokoto where I have no family!

Allah Akbar! Allah truly is the Greatest!

To the distorted mentality of the Hausa-Fulani, my constitutional right to live anywhere in my nation is premised on the presence of my relations.

As far as their folly wants to know, the absence of family or husband is scandalous.

I was in Sokoto alone. That was more than sufficient criminality.

My second offence was being unemployed with my expenses met by Muslims in the South.

That was too much for the Hausa-Fulani mind to grasp.

Why would any man who does not sleep with a woman consistently render her financial assistance?

How could any woman provide for the needs of a woman of another ethnicity and who offered no bedroom services to men of one’s ethnicity?

The concept of Sadaqah and Zakah is utterly lost on the Hausa-Fulani.

To them, Sadaqah and Zakah are for the personal gratification of the donor.

The individual who disclosed the heinous plot of the Hausa-Fulani to me was in distress and cautioned me that the plan was to mislead me to believe they were acting in my best interest while there would be no progress on my exit from jail.

In other words, I will be inundated with lip service, a passion of the Hausa-Fulani.

This person overheard the conversation between the prison wardens and promised to get me the needed assistance as soon as the opportunity was presented.

From my observations, at least three prison wardens were at the fore of that contrivance, two men and a woman.

I will publish their names when I obtain irrefutable evidence.

B.L the female prison warden interposed.

The conversation was strictly between her and the registrar, to which I conceded.

The registrar started a topic on behaviours that are “part of our religion”.

Wickedness is part of our religion, I interjected sarcastically.

He continued his rants, prompting me to request B.L to change the language of the discussion to Hausa so I do not have to hear the conversation.

She cooperated.

After a brief while, B.L began conversing with me.

Throughout, I laughed much. My laughter drew the attention of the registrar and others.

Hausa-Fulanis refuse to realise the cohesiveness between the multiple ethnicities in Nigeria.

Moreover, they delude self that everyone else in the North is impressed with Hausa-Fulani mentality.

AlHamduliLlah for the good people of Nigeria.

In my interaction with B.L, I pointed out that the claim to security concerns regarding me is a ruse, for Hausa-Fulanis know well the identities of Boko Haram members.

Plus, prior to the declaration of a state of emergency in the three states of Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa, Boko Haram lived among their people and within their family.

Boko Haram were not in the bushes, but right there surrounded by family members.

The presence of family did not prevent their disloyalty to the Nigeria Nation.

Here in Sokoto, Boko Haram members arrested or killed in combat resided with their family.

Interestingly, their wives were described as rescued by the Joint Task Force ~JTF.

Hausa-Fulani women willingly married to Boko Haram deserve to be rescued, whatever the definition of rescue.

I who have no link to the organisation should be locked away in prison.

As for any notion that the women were not consenting wives of Boko Haram:

If Boko Haram were of another ethnicity – Igbo, Yoruba or the hundreds of unheard of tribes in Nigeria – would relatives of Hausa-Fulani wives of Boko Haram not have razed the homes of Boko Haram to effect a termination of the marriage?

Would Hausa-Fulanis have waited for JTF to ‘rescue’ their daughters?

From B.L, I discovered with much sorrow my abducted girls of Chibok and elsewhere remain missing.

~ Post-Publication Addendum ~

Please note my full official name is Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa and my ethnicity is Igbo not Yoruba.

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