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DAY 16: Tuesday September 2, 2014. 13:30 hours.

While awaiting the arrival of Fatimah Suka the magistrate judge, I sat in the office of the registrar.

B.L the female warden who accompanied me to court arranged that for security reasons.

For a moment prior to that, I was kept in a room with a male prisoner, a repetition of my initial court appearance when I was detained in the same locked disused courtroom along with four men and an under-aged suspect.

Thinking is an unthinkable commodity.

I was quietly concerned for my safety. AlHamduliLah, I was not violated.

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I express gratitude to four of those suspects – the fifth was Sirajo Aliyu, my co-accused, insidious.

After Sirajo was sent home, the four were of immense assistance to me despite warnings to them from court officials not to render any assistance to me.

The four informed me of the intimidation by a police officer attached to the court who, when I asked one of the four – S1 – for his phone to make a call, warned him in Hausa not to give me the phone.

In one word English and gesticulation, we communicated.

Surreptitiously, I did make use of the phone twice, once in that courtroom and again in the vehicle that conveyed me to prison.

Then, there was trouble.

Idris, the prison warden, heard the call in the car but rather than question me, he interrogated S1 who denied it was his phone I used.

S1 to my alarm held his phone in his palm rather than put it away in his pocket.
Idris saw the cell phone and the inquisition commenced.

On the prison premises, the inquisition reoccurred. S1 again denied.
Idris turned his questioning to me. I ignored him.

H.G a female warden asked me who owned the phone S1 held. I made a mistake in the phrase I used in response to the question.

It is his phone.

My response was taken to mean I had used S1’s mobile phone.

I unwittingly implicated S1. Idris slapped S1 and I immediately intervened and pleaded on behalf of S1.

I wish S1 and S2, the under-aged suspect well; the other two suspects were not remanded in prison.

Here is an irony: Suspects and officials of court, police and prison were unless I am mistaken of the same ethnicity, Hausa-Fulani, yet suspects though uneducated and poorer were better behaved.

Of import is the suspects but not with the officials were amenable to reason.

My Incarceration In Sokoto | Part I

~ Post-Publication Addendum ~

Please note my full official name is Umm Sulaim Iman Taqwa and my ethnicity is Igbo not Yoruba.


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