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Could Onyebuchi Chukwu confirm the nurse who was allowed to leave quarantine to Enugu had tested positive for Ebola?

Why are some Nigerians beyond praise? One cannot commend them without receiving a slap within days, through a full reversal of achievements.

After applauding government officials and all involved for a successful quarantine, I learn a nurse travelled home.

How did a nurse exposed to the Ebola virus leave quarantine in Lagos and travel to Enugu?

Nigerians cannot run a few healthcare centres meant to keep the rest of the nation safe.

As quarantine centres are run as guest houses, and if it is confirmed that the nurse has infected new persons, I call on Nigerians to take the course of this Ebola outbreak into our own hands.

The nurse should be killed. Ebola is not what should take her life.

The same applies to all persons monitoring the centres.

Quote me, anywhere.

There is no need for yet another government investigation, the report of which will be devoid of meaning.

I sincerely hope quarantine centres are razed to the ground. There is no need to worry about malicious infections.

The nurse loves her husband, relatives and ethnicity so much she has possibly exposed them to an incurable disease – fatal love.

When tribalists insist they love their own and no other and yet, consciously expose them to harm, one cannot imagine what such creatures will do to others who are not loved.

I do not usually take an oath, but I will on this occasion:

I want to see the conspiracy that will cause anyone who deliberately infects someone I know to live long enough to be interrogated.

I have never considered adults, incapable of the most irrational health threats to other persons.

When Patrick Sawyer deliberately infected Nigerians, I recalled a resolution of mine several years ago:

Under no circumstance or act of kindness should I tolerate the unhealthy behaviours of adults who do not care who are affected by their senselessness.

Children, I exonerate for their innocence. I have taught and cared for children in close quarters whose mother died of AIDS.

While I was conscious of possible infection, I still played with them.

Of course, children and their innocence will dip a pencil into their mouth, moisten it with saliva and another child picks up the pencil and, guess what – puts it into own mouth!

I would restrain myself from screaming!

Teaching hygiene was primary, not to mention I became conscious of what my children touched without ever limiting their movements.

I will never permit such with adults; one of the reasons I rarely shake hands with anyone.

For adults washing hands is unthinkable; they would rather rub mucus or scrappings from their private parts on another person.

I had empathized with our health professionals for work exposure to health hazards. The empathy now goes to the 21 persons that inhumane nurse have exposed to a dreadful infection.

One question though: Were her family aware she was exposed to Ebola prior to her arrival in Enugu?




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