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Claim of Boko Haram to seek to implement the Sharee’ah draws the misplaced sympathy of Muslims who either lack any knowledge of the demographics of Nigeria or are desirous of murder of innocent Nigerians.

First, anyone can ascribe to the Sharee’ah to gain the support of Muslims without demonstrating verifiable love for Allah’s Law.

Second, should anyone sincerely intend to live according to the Sharee’ah it is feasible. One need not fire a single bullet for that.

Third, while the Sharee’ah regulates the life of a Muslim, the dominating ethnicity of Muslims in the far North are the most malignant antagonist of Allah’s Law.

I am still researching whether that also describes the Kanuri, the ethnic majority in Borno and Yobe States out of which Boko Haram launch attacks on the people of this nation.

My online attempt to investigate the psychology of the Kanuri caused a stir.

After a heated online battle, my adversary asserted that Kanuri was a controversial topic!

CONTRABAND! Serious laughter!

Besides, Nigeria is neither a Muslim-majority nor minority nation.

Nigeria has a population of Muslims. Period.

Persons who dig into specific numbers to outstrip other religions are the same who discriminate against and murder Muslims of other ethnicities.

Their sole interest is to seek legitimacy to destabilise the nation.

I am one Muslim who will never endorse the hallucinations of persons who hide behind the Sharee’ah to inflict harm on others.

It is interesting to note that opposition to the federal government stems from purely ethnic grounds – another ethnicity is in charge of the nation.

The same opposition will manifest should a Muslim Yoruba, Igbo, Igala, Tiv, and so on be the President.

Of course, in desperation to gain attention of anti-democrazy movements among Muslims worldwide, the opposition have to make the charge that Nigeria is a democracy, a republic, a this, a that.

Call the form of governance frog-jump if need be!!!!

Whatever the faults of the current form of government, the same faults are clear in the households, clans, ethnicity and cultures of anti-government forces.

Are anarchists unaware that their own parents openly oppose the Sharee’ah in favour of culture?

When such persons put a bullet in the brain of own mother, they should contact me for a discussion on the apostasy of the federal government.

They expect me to approve the murder of women while their own mother remains alive.

In addition, the Nigeria Nation is a federal republic.

Call Nigeria an Emirate if that keeps one satisfied. The crucial information is that a Muslim has inviolable rights.

Any Muslim who disregards the rights and freedoms of another Muslim is not in a position to advocate for the Sharee’ah.

The last paragraph eliminates the average Muslim, for many view rights and freedoms as a western concept.

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.


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