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These last weeks have been of lose of senses by Barack Obama’s administration.

– First, stalling to control their ally Israel over the massacre of Palestinians.

Whatever mental stability was left went out the window with recent US bombings of the positions of the Islamic State ~IS.

But, derangement is the official code of conduct of the United States of America.

Nothing new has occurred.

Only the United States and their allies have the capability to be mentally deranged.

The rest of us are bound to remain rational.

Whatever the US perpetrates against Muslims must not be reciprocated.

The second code of conduct:

It is good to offend others. Such offence must not be vice versa. It is not good for self.

Apparently, only the United States have justifications for their actions.

There, however, is a cure for madness.

The United States buoyed by the expertise to murder 1.5 million Muslims shall nevertheless grieve over the loss of 3, 20, 50 American lives in a retaliatory operation.

Barack Obama and his staff wish to discover whether enemies the US bomb can add a few more days of national mourning to America’s calendar.

Moreover, if mental derangement is a fundamental human right, it cannot be exclusive.

Everyone has the right to convenient and timely derangement.

I mention the battle with my neighbour who depicts the law of harm is good for others not self.

Need I say that everything he does I have returned in equal measure.

His plan to flog me into submission was not a bright idea, as I made clear I will kill in self-defence.

Whoever wants to lose control should go ahead.

We shall all lose control and celebrate our right to loss of control.

Incidentally, he is yet to lose control.

There is a cure for madness.

Interestingly, he has sobered and frequently pretends to have reformed.

Regardless of distortions and widespread brainwashing that beasts who harm others lack self-control, I have always opposed that theory.

Whenever there is a real and consistent resistance, the psycho freezes.

Such a creature does not want to be harmed.

Harm is meant for others not self.

This behaviour is observed in criminals whose brain neuroscientists will want us to be believe is dysfunctional to commit murder but who employ neuroscientists to escape the death penalty.

Apparently, the brain of a beast does not desire to experience the same fate meted to others.

Such a brain belongs to smartbrains, as it outsmarts persons who want to be treated as fools.

I sincerely urge all Americans who do not conform to the derangement code to understand that vulnerability is not absolute.

In my teenage years, I did much pondering on an assortment of topics, one of which was the illusion of bullies that others alone can be harmed.

The soliloquy:

What can anyone do to me that I cannot do to that person?

After a deep thought, taking into account all situations, the response was:

Absolutely nothing.

The only variation lies in the extent of harm caused.

Right there, I was even more resolved not to be anyone’s victim.

Should a bully stab me, I will feel pain and may die.

Should I stab the bully, will the bully not suffer agony and possibly die?

Or will the effect of the stabbing vanish because the bully is a man, a parent, or anyone else prone to abuse of power?

When one accepts that the next person is an equal and that one can exert any quality at any time, one endeavours to be cool and relaxed no matter how hot-headed one is.

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.

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