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Mothers, do not attempt to expose your children to Ebola virus.

I will not commit the fatal mistake of thinking you are incapable of exposing vulnerable children to harm.

I can only imagine the justifications for your cruelty to your own children.

Yes, certainly you will dispute that.

To your mind, conscious exposure of children to debilitating disease is an expression of love to your children.

To you, the demise of children is a positive development.

Children who die young are the entrance to Jannah for their parents. ~ Messenger of Allah

So, you in connivance with your husband deny your children access to healthcare when they are ill.

The words of the Messenger of Allah are proof your children need to die for you to attain Jannah.

My dear Prophet with that statement made your children sacks of gold, Jannah itself.

After all, all except one of his children passed before him.

Moreover, he could have prayed for the recovery of his son Ibrahim and his grandchild.

As he did not do so entails the absence of the rights of a child to life and healthcare.

That is adequate evidence for you to watch your own baby die without rendering the child appropriate medical attention.

Oh yes! Healthcare redundancy is Islam, is it not?

Add to that the Hadeeth:

Anyone who dies in an epidemic is a martyr. ~Messenger of Allah

You, therefore, will not miss the opportunity to have a martyr as your admission to Jannah.

Your children are solid gold.

If you would only expose your brain to some thinking, your children will be protected.

Did the same Messenger of Allah not say?

Allah created both disease and its cure. Seek its cure.

Healthcare does belong to the Sharee’ah.

Moreover, had Prophet Muhammad prayed for the survival of his children, will he not have intervened in the case of ill-health or demise of his Companions?

Who would want to be denied the supplication of the Messenger of Allah?

Again, did the Prophet not say?

Do not enter or leave a locality affected by an epidemic


In other words, no one should expose self or others to an infection.

When one enters a zone plagued with fatal disease, one exposes self to infection.

When one leaves the region, one exposes others to infection as one has conveyed the disease to persons previously unexposed.

I have made these remarks aware of your recalcitrance towards medication, vaccines, immunizations and healthcare in general.

I know you have and still do expose your children to chicken pox.

To you, keeping alive an infection is a sure means of protection from that infection.

Infect your children with swaps infected with chicken pox so that your children do not suffer the disease in adulthood.

Keep chicken pox in circulation.

A sensible person would have thought that if there is little or none of the virus in a nation, one need not worry about adult infection, as the likelihood of infection in adults will be close to nil.

Yes, I know you are passive, dummy, and dominated, but do not start.

Do not infect children..

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.


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