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To show the right to breastfeed her child, some women – and men – deem it necessary for a woman to stick out the breast.


Popping out the breast is natural. Breastfeeding is natural and that, of course, means there is no option but to expose her nipples.

Sex is natural.

Can two people sleep together in front of the White House, on Wall Street or anywhere else in broad daylight?

And no, sex is not sexual. It is satisfying that insatiable urge to survive in today’s world!!!!

Besides, one may just feel the need to procreate while walking down the street. The urge is unbearable!!!!

The ridiculous part is that some women – and that includes Nigerians – who do not hesitate to publicly expose their nipple in the name of breastfeeding a child will kick a fuss should a man on seeing the nipple tender a compliment: Great tit!

Exposing the nipple is women empowerment; receiving a pass mark for doing so is against women’s rights.

One wonders should a woman, while in public, feel some discomfort in her orifice, should she raise her leg to check that everything is in good order in her sweet nectar?

After all it is her body. Anyone who has issues with seeing a woman’s private parts should look away.

Or is that considered sexual?

Women please: Breastfeed with activated common sense. Cover the nipple with a cloth when breastfeeding in front of others.

In commemoration of the individual – August 13 The Day Of The Individual.


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